London Part II – Wicked Cool without Even Trying

IMG_7571 (2)
There’s a real appreciation that comes to visiting places this rich in culture and history when you’re a Canadian.
We’re 150 years old this year.  I bet the screws in this bridge are older than that.  The architecture is a show stopper.
Take the London Tower Bridge (hybrid of what people call it and what it’s actual name is).
We all know it, mostly from pictures and movies.  Usually has a car chase nearby or Tom Cruise jumping off of it.
When it comes into your line of sight for the first time it stops you in your place.


We (ok I) must have taken 84 pictures of the Tower Bridge.
Every angle, every perspective.


It’s so looming? Imposing?
Throw a dark and stormy sky in the background and it’s downright wicked!

It seems to change every time you look at it.

This was on my list of must see’s but only because it’s London Bridge.
Ok no more pictures of the Tower Bridge (your welcome).

We happened upon the oldest Farmer’s Market in London!
Borough Market:

I literally lost my mind in here.
First of all it’s so darned pretty and secondly – the food.
Right out of a magazine.
Actually don’t have a lot of photos because we were busy stuffing our faces and that my friends, takes two hands!

All that sight seeing calls for a pub visit.
You know, somewhere old, with impressive dark wood and iron sculptures or the like.IMG_7581.JPG

Well…this is not that place BUT they have beer!

Every pub we went to was busy.
Like ‘no seats in here, sit on the window sill out front’ kind of busy.
All the time – what’s not to love.

Wait, here’s another pub.
Perhaps it will be more Coronation Street/ locals like.IMG_7601

Ummm nope. What the heck, one more pint!

Then we head over to Big Ben (another must see).

And do some protesting at an anti Trump rally.
One too many pints – you are correct!

Back on the tube which was very lively but no pints.

Here’s a rundown of the rest of our trip:
Finding 10 Downing Street, where the Prime Minister lives.

Visiting Buckingham Palace OF COURSE!
IMG_7595 (2)

Meet a Viking – who knew?

And finally, yes FINALLY find an old worn out wing back leather chair.IMG_7583

In an old style pub (no chandeliers or suits).  Where we could celebrate my birthday with a Guinness (big surprise right) and some crispy fish n chips!IMG_7511

Mission accomplished!  And it was delicious.

5 thoughts

  1. What fun! Love all the pictures. And I laughed out loud when I read “stuffing our faces and that my friends, takes two hands!” Happy travels friends!


  2. London is always a good idea! I totally get where you’re coming from being Canadian and going to Europe I’m always fascinated by the history in all of the buildings – it’s amazing!


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