London and All it’s Veritable Wonders – Part I


There’s a lot of things that make up our life that come from the Brits.
There’s the Queen (see her every day on our $$), Coronation Street, every punk band I liked in the 80’s, Guinness Beer and Fish N Chips to name a few.The real shocker for us here was the food.
Once again, we allowed ourselves to entertain the stereo-type that the food here is bland and well, uninspiring.
Not so!

We literally ate ALL the time we were here.  Our Apart Hotel was at Hammersmith, the beginning of one of many tube lines.
The pink line to be exact.

London tube map

It looks confusing doesn’t it?
Not going to lie, it IS confusing.
With every new day, you wake up, get your knap sack and metro pass and get right back on that …tube.
It takes a few days to get feeling, I wouldn’t say confident, but somewhat orientated.  They really have this metro thing figured out, and it will take you to every tourist attraction there is.

Our Apart Hotel was close to the tube – very important.

It was also smack dab in the middle of Polish town!
Imagine our surprise walking down the street and hearing people speak Polish.
The restaurants, the deli’s – yep POLISH!
For those of you just tuning in, one half of Knot Anchored is a Polack however both Knot Anchored’s LOVE Polish food!
Worked out well for our cabbage roll intake.

With all the different cultures here you have a smorgasbord of food options everywhere you look.
It was ridiculous.
Is everyone aware of this?
Are they trying to keep it a secret??!

We walk around the corner and BLAM – pop up outdoor market!
Just JAMMED with people.


Every single tent was a temptation.
Read this and I dare you to NOT get hungry…


Look at the size of his FRYING PAN thingy!


You had me at caramelized onion potato bla bla bla.
And the SMELLS wafting around you!
Truly wish this blog had smell capability.

This particular pop up is here twice a week.
We almost didn’t leave the Hammersmith area what with it’s abundance of pierogis and now THIS brilliant pop up food wonderland!

The architecture here also leaves you gob smacked.
You have the old:

Mixed in with the new but in the same old setting (London Eye):

Great wandering place.

These guys, they work hard at sand sculpture:IMG_7520

Your appreciation is acknowledged:

Everyone’s gotta make a living, am I right?

Look who we ran into:

Actually have no idea who those two are – definitely recognizable to some, just not us.

Unlike this guy!

Liam Neeson! Shooting …a movie…of some sorts.

Wander over to get a pint at this very posh scenic place.
The view is killer and oh how I love tiffany lamps.

There a super serious bunch coming for their tea.
Random Observation:  I have never seen that many people drinking tea at the same time.IMG_7543

And we weren’t gong to see it on this day either apparently!


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