Greece – Santorini’s wildlife

overlooking the sea in Santorini

The journey begins in Fira or Thira depending on the person.

This part of Santorini is in the middle of the island facing the volcano.  I would say it’s the main tourist spot on Santorini.
You see the little donkey on the map – it’s there for a reason.
Donkeys maintain this beautiful island and more likely than not – built it.
donkeys, construction site, Santorini, Greece

The people here work hard this time of year getting everything sparkly white and blue for the influx of tourists on their way.IMG_7802

The workers trusty sidekicks, the donkeys, also work hard.constructio donkeys, Santorini, Greece

Maybe harder…
work donkey, air conditioners

Stunning postcard view break inserted here:
volcano, Santorini, rainy day
Cloudy, sunny or rainy weather doesn’t seem to matter in Santorini.
Santorini looks good even with your eyes closed.

Back to donkeys – why the bad rap?
Santorini, donkeys, Thira

They’re strong, protective, independent and I will go one further, cute, darned cute.
How else would one get bags of cement through these skinny walkways?
donkeys, Santorini, Greece, walkways

There are no shortage of tiny, hilltop, picturesque walkways here. Downhill and the dreaded – uphill climbs are plentiful!
Santorini from above overlooking the Sea

Let’s switch things up.  This here is one of the many roaming dogs of Santorini.
He appears to be supervising this site.donkeys, dog, construction site, Thira, Santorini, Greece

We would see these two guys all over Thira.
Santorini, dogs

We called them Taco and Nacho.
dogs, Santorini, Greece
Taco and Nacho are best friends.

We watched them making friends everywhere they went.Santorini, Greece, dog, friendly

If I said it once I’ve said it a hundred times during our Greek travels; the dogs of Greece are the happiest dogs I’ve ever seen in my life.
No one owns them.  They roam freely.
Nap in the sunshine.
best friends, dogs on beach, Santorini, black beach
Play on the beach.

In Greece, the dogs let you know what they think.
dog, Santorini, adopt, Greece, happy

In Santorini its the dogs that adopt you.
dog paw on boot, Santorini, Greece

If you’re lucky.


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