Greece – Athens to Santorini ferry

Santorini, sunset, seaside

Santorini is a bucket list place for many people.  Greece is not Santorini.
Athens is not Santorini.
Greece is a multi dimensional wonderland of landscapes and vibes that includes Santorini.
But only Santorini is Santorini.
Allow me to show you starting out with getting there.

There are two options on getting to Santorini, plane or ferry.
One takes a few hours but you have to get to the airport early and stand in line.
The other, if time allows, takes you on a comfortable journey through the islands and takes about 8 hours.

We chose the latter, Blue Star Ferries out of Athens’ commercial port Piraeus.
Santorini ferry, Blue Star, Greece

Highly recommended is the Business class.
For a slight upcharge those 8 hours can be spent in a spacious area that has sofas and is slightly less busy than economy as far as crowds go.

Aside from this beer deprived guy:
beer, Santorini Ferry, Greece, Business class

When we boarded there was maybe 3 other groups of people on this floor.
Keeping in mind that this was off season, so not nearly the volume of travellers to begin with.
For those wondering why Stevo has an empty glass on his head.
This is in fact the sign for ‘beer me’ to servers who may be looking around at which guests need what.
To clarify – most servers have absolutely no idea that’s what this means but usually find it amusing enough once explained and follow along.
Rarely are we a one round of drinks kind of table, it is taken in stride and even helpful.

Here we are upon arrival in Santorini, all hanging around awaiting disembarkation.
It’s a pretty crazy scene, the boats still turning around as the doors are opening.
Waves are crashing all around outside.

Then these guys start climbing over the doors, slinging lines like cowboys.
Crazy stuff.
Throw this situation into a Canadian location and there would be reports being made, people getting fired, Health Canada on scene, I don’t even know what our (WSIB) Workers Safety people would do.
Heck, the army might even show up!
But here in Greece, they land, hop over the waves, tie up and wish everyone a hearty WELCOME to Santorini!

Love. It.

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