Sails up!

Sails getting put up on Catamaran

Work continues to get Forever ready to go.
We got her back in the water, now it’s time to get her back in the wind.

It’s a pretty involved process and from what I can tell, there’s no easy 1-2-3 standard step by step to follow.

The pile of white sail all crumpled up looks completely daunting and my mind does a mic drop just looking at it.
Similar to what it’s like when you open an overstocked fridge and become less hungry just thinking about all the items you need to move to get to something you don’t even know yet.
Kind of like that.

The Steve’s made light work of it.
sail work, catamaran Forever

It’s a lot like snowmobiling.
Everyone standing around, cowling up, assessing the situation.
raising the sail, catamaran Forever

This even happened…
manual advice, sails, catamaran Forever

Apparently, when you read the manual, all kinds of mystery’s are revealed.
There was many an a-ha moment to be had.

Another very successful day under our belt.
Another day acclimating to our Fornow home and getting settled.

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