Falalala it’s provisioning time 

Provisioning ugh. It’s hot, it’s heavy and you be sweating. 

Here in Grenada the main provisioning store we like to use is IGA. Great selection and the nicest staff ever!  

The only issue I have, and this goes for all grocery stores in the islands, is the grocery bags. If you get any at all. 

The most common bags used are the size of toss pillow and slightly thicker than tissue paper. NIGHTMARE!

So while some people pack to go sailing with sunscreen, bathing suits and good beach reads, I pack for provisioning. Thank you Amazon!

This is what my bags looked like after provisioning. 

Boat space is at a premium no matter what boat your on. Some of those reusable grocery bags work well but don’t store well. 

The ones we picked up on Amazon all fold into cubes. Like our luggage and basically our lives. 

Here’s the same pile all squared away and here’s what your looking at:

The colourful cubes are a durable, fair size and comfortable shopping bag. The handles are wide for comfort and you can fill them up with cans and they won’t break. They also have little hooks so the cashier can put it on the stand to fill. But most importantly they are colourful and vibrant and make you smile. 

The 2 gray cubes are the insulated bags. They have a lining and a drawstring at the top so everything doesn’t fall out in the cab ride back to the dinghy. 

The Biaggi is my cube knapsack and it doubles nicely for groceries and folds up to nothing. 

In light of the Christmas season, any of these would make a great gift for the foodie in your life. We all shop, no matter where we are in the world. Why not make it colourful and comfortable?

Our provisioning was a success.  

This here is our Caribbean pot of gold. 

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