Sailing the Caribbean: the simple things 

Fishing boat under tree, on the sand, Tyrrel Carricou  Ever think of just selling it all and living off the grid in a cabin in the woods or on a sailboat in the Caribbean?

They sure make it look good on HGTV and W Networks what with their  Tiny Homes and Island House Hunters don’t they?

White wood house on the beach, red kayak, Tyrrel Carricou
We are currently experiencing a mash up of Tiny Homes and Island Hunters on s/v Forever right now and it’s pretty refreshing.

Forever catamaran, on mooring ball
Stuff rules our lives. Correction-used to rule our lives. We sold everything off 3 years ago to go live on a boat and sail the Caribbean.  Nope, no storage unit of little things. All gone. Never mind down-sizing we were no-sizing.

That was the first step. We learned a lot about the power of commercialism during that process and the hold material things can have on you. We learned a lot about ourselves.

Our boat home, s/v Knot Anchored, a 46′ Leopard, was tricked out with every conceivable creature comfort thanks to Stevo’s ingenuity. She was a floating condo.

Now, living on catamaran Forever for the winter, a 32′ PDQ, we catch sun for power, rain for water and wind for transportation.  Wow. It’s pretty empowering.

We get hot, we jump in the water and cool off in the breeze on the trampoline. We did that on Knot Anchored too but we also ran the blender for margarita time and turned up the AC at will.

We are learning a different way of life on s/v Forever.

We share this same view with the mega yachts.

Sunset, sailboats, bikini laundry line, tropical scene
And we walk the same beaches.

Tropical beach, Caribbean, blue water, soft sand, Caribbean
Only now we do it with a smaller footprint and we’re kind of digging it. ⛵️

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