Tyrrel Carricou sail – a 3 hour tour…

Captain in helm, sailin get, St Georges, Grenada
Preparations done it was time to sail this girl. That’s what all this work was about right?

I know better than to ask this question but:

Me: how long to get there?

Stevo: around 3 hours

Actual: 11 hrs ! I did not prepare enough food for this journey!

We had 6ft plus seas and 23 knot winds (dreaded Christmas winds) which made it pretty rough but Forever held her own and sailed like a rockstar.

Catamaran on anchor, sailing yacht, for sale
She’s a light and fast boat that cruises at 7 – 8 knots without trying. So why didn’t we get to Tyrrel faster? The wind was coming straight out of there.

Forever tacks by itself, no set up, no nothing. You want to tack – just turn the wheel. Done.

Tyrrel is a cute bay with lots of restaraunts, 2 marinas and a brand new shiny grocery store.

Looks like the new Marina is going to be the next Clarkes Court, great hurricane hole, big lift to haul out and lots of room for storage.

Right at the the mouth of the Marina is a mangrove area for in water storage that is is gorgeous!

Mangroves, Tyrrel Bay
This area is home to lots and lots of oysters!  You can see them when you look into the clear water.

This boat houses the ‘no oyster picking’ sign.  Smart cause you are drawn immediately to this boat when you enter the mangroves.

Just look at this beauty.

See the tree growing out of her?  Nature is a badass I tell ya. She goes where she wants.

There’s lots of variety in this bay.  Including a floating steel fabrication shop who knew!

You’ve got the liveaboard cruisers, the fishing boats, charter catamarans and this yacht King Baby:

What makes this yacht different than the many we see is there’s actually people on it.

Not only that but they’re actually using all the toys!
King Baby, mega yacht, super slide, rock n roll interior
Usually the crew set up the trampoline, jet skis, water jets, sea scooters only to bring them back in unused. Not this yacht. Kudos to you King Baby patrons!

And for those of you interested in chartering King Baby with its rock n roll interior and 9 crew to 12 guest ratio, let me know and I’ll hook you up.  And start saving cause she goes out at $175,000/week + expenses.

As with every day on Forever we start with a swim  ..

And end with a swim, just like everyone else here.

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