Island hopping food attitude adjustment 

Cooking, galley, overhead shot
Stevo and I love to cook no matter where we are in the world.

Bbq, outdoors, fresh vegetables, northern Ontario
Quite often we will eat at home when traveling cause we kick ass in the kitchen (except Trinidad for roti and Greece for pitas).

Charcoal grill, shish kabobs, Greece, Athens
This time is going to be different. A. We have 2 burners and no oven

B. We’re going to go with the flow.

This time sailing the Caribbean, we are sucking it all in.

Boats anchored, Caribbean, restaurant window view, Caribbean, Tyrrel Bay
That means hitting some beach bars for local views and food and cooking with local ingredients. Oh ya and preferably one pot meals.

Cause this time it’s about the sailing.

Catamaran, sand island, Carricou, palm trees
With that said, I can’t tell you how impressed we are with the layout of the PDQ 32.

Everything in the  galley is super accessible from where you stand.

The fridge is more than big enough and stays cold effortlessly and there’s 3 portholes to catch a breeze and see what’s going on outside.

All that wind and motion makes you hungry and dictates you will end up in the galley.  It’s just better if you enjoy that experience.

The new grocery store in Tyrrel set us up nicely with our essentials and some treats (Prosecco’s a treat right)?

Alexis grocery store, provisioning, Caribbean
And I was  awestruck by the spice aisle.

Spices, grocery store, Tyrrel Bay
Obviously because who else takes pictures of the spice aisle?

The pop up stands and grocery stores are still the way to go for the best fruit, veggies and local fare for sure.

Here was my first attempt at cooking with what you got.

Moroccan one pot stew, passage food, boat food
Festive huh?

It started as a Moroccan stew. I added peas to it.

Next day it was even better and tasting a lot like roti. Added a chopped, tart green apple when reheating and thumbs up from Forever’s crew!

As much as we love food, we are so grateful for having the opportunity to sail the islands again and help our friends out, that we don’t want to miss one minute we don’t have to doing dishes and the like.

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  1. Just Love followinf Steve amd Darla and now you guys! Spent the last five winters in Key West. (with a boat). Still learning down there! Best Wishes! Keep posting!


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