Mayreau – an island we L.O.V.E.

Catamaran trampoline, Saline Bay, Mayreau
Leaving Union Island with a wave goodbye and a big toe bandaid I thought we were heading for the Tobago Cays.

My turtles were waiting for me. They were waiting for Stevo too but only to deep dive before he sees them when I call out TURTLE!  They are like unicorns of the sea to Stevo.  Well my turtles would have to keep waiting. We stopped just before the Cays in Mayreau.

The local boat vendors were out in full force offering massive lobsters, beach bbqs, ice and banana bread.

Boat vendor, Polish, Mayreau, catamaran
This is common in many places around the Caribbean and I’d say welcome as well.

This was the first time I’d ever seen one of these boats with a Polish saying on the side. A lot of ‘de Bar’ and ‘ya mon’ but never any Polska. Must be a common visitor here I suppose.

We went up the steep road (is there any other kind) from our anchorage in Saline Bay  to check out the town. It was December 30th and everyone was gearing up for New Years Eve, fresh catch orders placed with the fishermen, lights strung, reservations secured.

Well, we met the most amazing people there over the course of 24 hrs.

People who understand the meaning of living life to it’s fullest and enjoying the moments even the smallest.

People who question everything, take chances and color outside the predetermined lines of society.

Meet Dennis Hideaway.

Caribbean bar, bartender, storytelling, Canadian flag, mayreau
He loves his Canadians. Recognized us immediately. Didn’t even say eh so not sure what the tell was.

Dennis is a great storyteller and has a love story fit for the big screen.  A Canadian girl with an over protective dad, a sailboat and the resolve of a man tested.

I can’t tell you that story. I could never do it justice, but if you come to Mayreau come see him at Dennis Hideaway.  The first restaurant here and a great little bar to hear stories. There’s also a guesthouse if you want to spend some time here.

Caribbean bar, Mayreau, Rasta Robert
Keep walking up the street and you will come to Rastafarian Robert’s hangout.

Signed shirt donation, Caribbean bar, Righteous and de Youth, Mayreau
He’s been here 24 years. This place, Righteous & de Youths, started with him selling stuff on the side of the road.

But he had a vision. And he will tell you about how he kept building and adding on to this place.

A place he built with L.O.V.E. cause that’s how he does everything.

And you know what, you can feel it.

Thats where we met Toni, a New Yorker who questioned the hamster wheel she was on and the value she placed in things.

Sold everything and lives here.  Working on the things she wants to when she wants to.

We spent New Year’s Eve having dinner at Robert’s cooked by Robert!  It was amazing.

We ate with 5 kids who were taking a break from their 6 month volunteering stint in organic farming in St Vincent. They were back packing across the islands.  Some hitching a ride on passing sailboats. One of them, was going home to Germany and heading out from there to volunteer in Sudan.   Adventurous young people.

After dinner we listened to the most amazing drumming by Riteous Robert, his son, his grandson and 2 others.

Our own private concert.

Here’s a snippet although a bit dark:

Everyone here knows the value of something is the life you exchange for it with your time.

Looks like we found our tribe,see you again Mayreau✌️

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