Bequia – a feel good story that doesn’t hurt your face 

Sun umbrellas, patio, sailboats, vacation, lunch spot, Bequia, Caribbean
While Canada and the US suffer a deep freeze that forces them to drive around in full snow gear even with the heat blasting in their cars, we arrive in Bequia, thankful to not have to experience any of this freaky cold snap.

This place gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling every time we visit.

So no more talk about cyclone bombs and windchills for a minute! Not here.

Bequia is the place you go to for serious chill time.

It has everything you could possibly want to order off the Caribbean menu; starfish✅ palm trees✅ turtles✅ buttery sand beaches ✅ beautiful people ✅ a vibrant marketplace and a lively nightlife✅✅

For the sailors out there, Bequia is loaded with talented trades to assist  with sails, mechanics and a couple of chandleries that are well stocked for all your DIY and accessories.

Oh and there’s the food.

Burger and fries, seared tuna, salad, roast potatoes
I swore I wasn’t going to order anything that was all mixed together due to our one pot menu  onboard but…

This salad with seared tuna and roast potatoes was impossible to resist.

The waterfront has a cute wrap around stone walkway that takes you past every dining option you can think of.

For us it was a great place to recharge and feed our faces.

Catamaran, blue water, tropical, beach, Bequia, Caribbean
For more on Bequia click here, an island we never pass by!

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