How to get that Ocean Fresh laundry smell

PDQ32 catamaran, sailing, ocean, Caribbean
The evidence pops up in every scenic photo. Clothes pins.  Laundry evidence.

Oh look, there’s a rainbow unicorn jumping straight out of the water on a sparkle wave, quick get a picture!

Reviewing said picture…

Pitons, St Lucia, sailing, blue water, lifeline
Yup, there they are, clothes pins. HOW do I not see them through the lens? HOW!

I’m going to just paint them tropical colors and make them part of the shot I think.

Laundry day.

Colorful laundry, wind blown, beach background, Bequia, ocean freshI
When our rain buckets get filled we do laundry (also in a bucket with a plunger type thingy). That’s the easy part.

Hard part is the watching your laundry fill with wind on the line and hoping like heck that the clothes pins take their job seriously.

All 72 of them.

And if they did…

You sleep in ocean fresh sheets.

Cause the only thing better than clean sheet day, is ocean fresh clean sheets that didn’t blow away day.

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