St Vincent’s Blue Lagoon a super cute everything

Blue lagoon Marina, catamarans, St Vincent, sparkly water
This is a super short story about a super cute marina- Blue Lagoon.

We have only visited St Vincent one other time than this and it was cut short due to an unfortunate theft incident another boat had in the anchorage.

The anchorage was Chateaubelair and it has had it’s issues in the past. We just happened upon another one.

We reported the incident and hope  that a few bad apples don’t continue to mar the reputation of one of the most beautiful islands we’ve ever seen.

The locals were friendly, the kids with their big smiles in their dugout canoes were endearing and we had a beautiful afternoon sucking it all in.

But that was in 2016.

Here we are again in St Vincent and this Blue Lagoon is a darned pretty marina as far as marinas go.

Marina, Caribbean, beach
As safe havens most marinas have issues with murky water and can be stifling. Not here at the Blue Lagoon.

Caribbean, docks, Marina
Palm trees rustling in the breeze, people picnicking in the beach and even swimming. Swimming!  At a marina wow.

All the services you need if you’re picking up a charter here.

A motel, a nice restaurant, small grocery store and of course a beach bar.

Beach bar, Caribbean, Marina
Every single one of these things cute!

Everyone there helpful and knowledgeable.

Ended our day off with an unobstructed view of the sunset listening to the waves crash  in the distance.

Highly recommend this as a charter pick up or even just a stop as you island hop around.

2 thoughts

    1. It was a great experience at Blue Lagoon. That said, we could have made the sail to St Lucia less of a haul but that would have meant a stop in CB. We opted out. Only one car in the bay and was just not feeling it.


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