The small catamaran with the big heart – Forever

Catamaran helm, sailing, St Lucia, Pitons, Caribbean We’ve all heard the saying ‘size doesn’t matter’ and also ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey’.  Well our sail from St Vincent to St Lucia confirmed both these popular Pinterest quotes. It was a real eye opener!

We left Blue Lagoon in St Vincent at 8am heading for Marigot Bay, St Lucia.

Fully expected to be arriving in the cover of darkness. S/V Forever had other plans.

Hey boats are all different. They respond differently depending on the environment (weather).  Some are HUGE motor yachts meant for luxury and speed.

Watch for the size reference at the end of this clip:

That catamaran coming in behind the mega yacht is a good 10 feet bigger than Forever!

There’s the luxury sail yacht, luxury,speed and sail bragging rights compared to the motor yachts. Check out the difference in mast sizes with the boats behind this dreamy sailboat.

Our previous yacht Knot Anchored was designed for comfort and socializing.

Look at these awesome happy people enjoying a moment!

Catamaran charter, vacation, sailing, cheers
This boat doesn’t know whether it’s a catamaran or a monohull lol.

Whatever boat/ yacht/mega yacht you’re on  you come to know what it’s level of performance is.

Here’s what happened on the way to ST Lucia.

We take shifts on long passages. The boat has a way of rocking you to sleep when you’re not fighting the elements.

We broke up our day and it was finally my turn to sail.

I’m not a newbie at this sailing gig but I’m not at the point where I’m going to circumnavigate the globe single handed either.

I know my knots.

I took over and basically sailed that boat right to Marigot. Steve woke up like – whattttt!?

Average winds 13 knot average speed 9.5 !!!!

Forever is sleek. She’s light. Her 2 9.9 motors pull up out of the water.

Basically Forever is a bullet. I think we need to find her a cape.

And she’s pretty comfy. As I sit and enjoy a rainy day in the salon..

PDQ32, sailing catamaran, sailing vacation, palm trees, Marigot bay, St Lucia
And this is my view from inside…

Life is good today.

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