The nomads, the wanderers, the topless – we salute you

Marigot to Martinique. Relatively uneventful passage and quite pleasant.

We decided to land in Anse darlet- a charming seaside village where everyone knows each other, baguettes are mandatory and boobies greet you at the dinghy dock ladder – if you’re lucky (I guess ).

I guess we were lucky?

I get it. It’s a French town. There’s a euro vibe. In fact you use euros here.

But seriously? There’s a beautiful beach as far as the eye can see on either side of the dock and you, topless euro lady, have to park yourself here.

At the dinghy dock ladder.
The docks high so you actually climb off the front of your dingy to the ladder which goes up around 4 rungs.

And there.

At eye level.

Is Miss topless.

I mean Really?
I am Canadian and not really accustomed to nude sun bathing but I’m not really against either.

Cest la vie, am I right?
On the up side, she wasn’t exactly hard to look at. (Actually impossible not to look at being at eye level lol).

Stevo said he didn’t even see her…

We hung out here for the day and then bounced over to Anse Mitan, an old time high end beach resort town. It was cruise ship people say and GREAT people watching.

No topless chicks but whadda ya gonna do.
Had lunch on the beach. Something about sand in your toes?
It was deeeliteful

Still thinking about it.

Stevo went exploring as we were preparing for sunset.
Stevo always finds the most amazing places.

This hotel Boukan is right around the corner from a huge abandoned resort.

It was pretty amazing.

Met a couple who sell jewelery on a pop up table under a palm tree.

Bought a handmade bracelet.
Watched the sunset.

Met a 24 yr old Italian guy as we were leaving.

He just arrived from Europe in a sailboat.

He was setting up his hammock.

Yes between 2 Palm trees right beside the ocean.

He didn’t know where he was going next but he was going to get there by back pack and hammock.
We wished him the best and were in our way.
These nomads. They walk amongst us.

We don’t really ever take notice.

We’re busy in our lives of structure and timelines.

They sail, backpack, hitchhike right through along side us.
Once you do notice them.

You see them everywhere.

Makes you think.

What else am I missing?

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