Marigot Bay, St Lucia our treat to ourselves 

Couple, blonde, windswept, Palm trees, smiling, sunny, Caribbean This happens to be one of our all time favorite places to treat ourselves.

We aren’t dock dwellers and although we are blessed with the most amazing water and views on anchor, sometimes you want more…

Sometimes you want to lie in a gazebo of pillows and stare at the palm trees all around you, before your nap.

Gazebo, pillow chair, sun over, Palm tree, rattan, tropical
Or a smorgasbord of home made Indian food served up family style.

Internet that works.

To swim in a pool with a waterfall. With a coconut water.

Hobnob with the rich and maybe famous.

Mega yacht, docked
And you want ALL these things within a 2 second dinghy ride but not pay rich and famous prices.

That my friends is Capella Resort and Marina in Marigot Bay.

Get a mooring ball and be in the centre of all the action.

And have a different kind of fun for a change.

This place never disappoints.

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