THE kitchen start up list

I love to cook.
I love to cook for people – but people aren’t necessary to be there.
I’m happy to cook for no people, big elaborate meals even.
If people show up they will DEFINITELY get fed.
It’s in my DNA and possibly somewhat of a personality disorder!

Having a somewhat transient lifestyle, there is a constant purge and replenish cycle we go through every time we make a move to a boat, a trailer or even a short stay VRBO in [insert country here].
It’s straight up exhausting.

The other day, prompted by the impending trailer opening, I said to Stevo:
‘I’m not doing this anymore.  From now on we are going to eat plain / minimalist.’
Stevo laughed.
I got mad and thought huh, you’ll see!

The trailer was empty save except the salt, pepper and a few unopened spices hidden in the microwave.
You see, the microwave is the only mouse free zone in our trailer.
We did SUCH a good job of shutting down the trailer in December I thought, for sure, we would not face rodent chaos upon opening.
There it was, when we opened the door, the remnants of a full on mouse Mardi Gras.
We would have been in good shape were it not for the plastic cereal container FILLED with bird food.
Those plastic cereal containers are usually so mouse-proof…
I, for one, am thankful the mouse wasn’t still in the cereal container when we got here, as it somehow remained upright being compromised only from the top lid.
They were so motivated by their first find they went ahead and chewed the top of the smaller (empty) container as well.
Was this a hit or miss situation?
Do they just randomly start chewing on things hoping for the best?
cereal container, mouse chewed hole, bird food, mouse proof
Envision a mouse hanging down from the top lid from his tiny hind tippy toes in a sort of Mission Impossible formation – apparently that’s possible.

That’s trailer life.
If you happen upon a way to completely mouse proof your summer getaway short of insulating every square inch with steel wool – call me.
I personally drop everything and drive you straight over to Dragon’s Den to pitch the product/thing/dream come true for every cottager in Canada.
Go ahead and make your gazillion dollar evaluation cause you deserve it!

If only our National Defence could make use of these tiny infiltrating geniuses.  There’s got to be a way to use their ingenuity for good no?

After storming away from Stevo’s muted laughter on my ability (inability) to minimalist provision, it was time.
Trailer kitchen basics re-load here we go!

This list covers MY starting basic trailer life needs. I intend on referring to it for all of our short-term stays cause it’s THAT good!

The List

start up kitchen list, grocery list for the trailer

Definitely the most comprehensive list I have ever come up with for any size kitchen but made specifically for this tiny trailer kitchen.
trailer kitchen, prep area, sinks, oven

It includes most of the basics plus enough stuff to make the meals listed below so you don’t starve to death when that freak spring snowstorm traps you!
This is a real thing in Canada as we are sitting and waiting on this the 3rd day of April for 25cm (more or less) to hit.
I originally thought this photo was shocking for this time of year:

snow covered camp, spring weather, snow storm coming, up north

The Meals:

Meal list, trailer opening, spring

Luckily mice don’t eat laundry detergent, bleach, pine sol, garbage bags and dish soap so these were not on the list but still important for opening day.

So now, when you go to open up your cabin/cottage/trailer this year, you can stop at the grocery store (with confidence…and this list) and know you won’t have to run out to get those forgotten items therefore wasting precious tranquil northern moments.

Jumping in the lake, grilling and campfires – bring it on!

And yes, Stevo was right.
I am incapable of shopping to just keep us alive cause I’m pretty sure the ‘Just Keep Us Alive’ list wouldn’t have coconut milk, cumin and molasses on it would it!

2 thoughts

  1. Ha ha! No mice in my trailer….its because they are in my house…trailer sits next to house and the mice aren’t interested!! So the solution is….get another trailer and let them have it!!!!


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