Happy [swear word] Spring #onstorm

couple, smiling, cheers, plaid shirt

Cheers it’s spring! Or should I say it’s spring?

We’re all cozy in the trailer but lets go outside and see what’s doing shall we?
snow, forest, car,trail

Ok well driving’s not an option and where’s Stevo’s feet?

We can walk.  It’s super pretty out.

Can’t really work on the house today.

How’s Stevo handling this winter wonderland?

Now that our 200ft walk is out of the way it’s back home for a beverage.

snow, cooler, trailer

This is unreal for April 15th – just saying.
Best shovel off that cooler and grab what we need before the ice storm comes and seals us in the trailer.
No exaggeration. We are waiting on the ice storm now. Apparently the 20cm of snow yesterday wasn’t enough of a throat punch to Ontario’s sun starved population.

Putting on our warm socks, cranking up the heat and Netflix and chill it is.

I’m sorry, watching Stevo navigate this is making me cry laugh!
He doesn’t seem to think its that funny.

One thought

  1. Ya don’t you just hate it when the snow gets over your sandals LOL LOL it’ll be up to your knees by tonight bahaha


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