Nestingitis solved -time to bounce!

Sitting around the other day and I say to Stevo “I think I’m ready for a dog”.
I go on to show him ‘my’ dog on Instagram.

English Bull Terrier
“They’re super cute and it would be nice to…”
Stevo grabs his ipad and says something about being here too long, starting to nest, time to book a flight.
But in way more colourful language.

We love dogs BUT they have yet to be conducive to our lifestyle.
It’s just not fair to drag them around everywhere – airplanes, boats, who knows what.
That day will come.
For now we enjoy OPD (other peoples dogs).

Santorini, dogs
For the first time in years we found ourselves in one spot for 7 months – 7 MONTHS!
The house being 97% finished allowed us some much deserved down time, maybe too much down time hence the nesting.

In the time it took you to read this far along, Stevo already had the airline tickets in hand.
Hola Spain!
Beautiful spring like temperatures and a boat to enjoy them on.

Now for the inevitable – packing.
Packing for Europe is different than the Caribbean.
It takes a lot more thought.
You have to wear clothes in Europe, not just cover ups and shorts.
Carry on is a must – it’s a boat.

Checked out some travel hacks on Instagram and Quora.
Was not inspired.

‘Do not wear white on a plane’.
Seriously? You need to tell someone this?

I loved the one about using the arm handles of the airline seats as steps if you need to go to the bathroom but don’t want to awaken the person beside you.
1.  Everyone uses those arm handles to …put their arms on.
2.  In the event they are not using them are you
a) spry enough to complete this manoeuvre and
b) are you willing to take the chance that they will wake up and be staring right at crotch level with you straddling them hmmmmmm.
You decide!

There was a toothpaste ball hack for hikers and the obvious one – roll your clothes.
They were pretty good but either not applicable (not hiking) or already a given.

Here’s some of the things I do to make travel easier:
1.  Have pens packed all over the place, that way you will find one when you need to fill out paperwork.
They all seem to disappear when needed most.

2.  Wear minimal make up.  Your going to get that smushy tried to sleep on my folding tray look for sure so you don’t need to add raccoon eyes to that as well.

3.  Buy a good neck pillow.  I’m talking the 2 layer hard memory foam kind with the tie in front.
These go for about $50 but are so worth the comfort and sleep they provide.
Over the course of many trips that pillow will amount to what you spend replacing the dollar store pillows you lose every year.

4.  Use zip-lock baggies to pack your clothes in. Taking the air out with your knee gives you more space to pack making carry-on actually doable.

5.  Stuff things in your packed shoes and make everything you bring belong to the same colour palette so you can mix and match.
Nobody cares if you look like Paris Hilton on vacation.
Be comfortable and creative.
It’s the adventure your there for not a fashion show.
Unless of course you are part of a fashion show?

6.  Bring regular soap in plastic film not liquid.

7.  Take an empty water bottle through customs so you can refill at the water fountain inside avowing the $7 cost of a 250ml water bottle in the stores.

8.  Use soft-sided luggage (foldable is best) to stow when you get to where your going.

This was the best packing I’ve ever done.
All the usual stuff we wanted to bring in the Biaggi and the duffle bag including a full-size electric blanket!
I fully intend to re pack this way well into perpetuity.
If it’s not broke…

We honestly didn’t think the electric blanket was going to make it through the scan because of all the wires and controls possibly looking suspicious but yippee it did!
What did cause questions was the UE Boom portable speaker.
Once identified we were waved along.
DVD Players also cause raised eye brows for some reason so I didn’t bring one this year.
I like to bring my workout DVD’s because Internet is not always a given.

It’s always good to lay everything out ahead of your trip and reassess as the days to travel get closer.
Stuff will be removed.
Stuff will be added.
In the end you leave fairly certain you have everything you need but probably not sure if you turned the water off or locked the door.
Oh well that’s what friends are for.

Happy packing to all and remember you can almost certainly get what you may have forgotten where you’re going.


One thought

  1. Yes that’s what Geri always says you can just buy it when you get there so be sure to bring money, credit card and passport LOL

    Jerry and I are still very excited about going out on a boat with you in Spain right now he’s back to work again in Michigan hired a manager for the dealership and we are hoping that that will lessen the stress on him and allow him to finally really retire seems like I’ve we’ve been saying that for 10 years !!!
    So the bottom line is I still don’t know if it’s safe to book a trip yet but we absolutely want to do it !!!
    Much love
    Sam and Jerry

    If you are going through the Detroit area stop and see Jerry!!!


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