Blue Marble Yacht Charters

So while we were relaxing on the beach one day…we came up with a great idea.
Well, that’s not completely true it was more like this…

Blue Marble yacht Broker

It’s November 10th and we just got 5 cm of snow, just like that BLAM!
This face is me thinking it’s very pretty out here but wouldn’t it be nice to get away?

Everyone is thinking that!
But not everyone is thinking or even knows about yacht chartering as a vacation.
Lots do though – cause they’re out there grabbing people and picking dates to getaway!

They split up the charter between friends, they do family getaways, and they celebrate life events while celebrating life, in paradise.
One common thing for all these people, they all leave with a full heart and a full SD card of memories not soon forgotten.

Now that the Virgin Islands is open for business so are we!
The new site is up. Blue Marble Yacht Charters

Worked pretty hard on it and think it has a lot of good info on it.

Definitely has a lot of great yachts available for hire run by amazing crew.

So have a look.  Get inspired.
Share the website and vacation with your friends.

Shoot me any questions.  But you only get 3 and than you have to commit…
Just KIDDING! No limits to questions EVER.
I love this industry and have a lot of insider knowledge.

Here’s a couple of good posts to get you started on chartering:
Yacht Chartering – why not you?
BVI Vacation Sampler – yes please!

And one final moment of ahhhh as you go about your day.

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