knot anchored

What happens when a couple sells everything in search of the next adventure…we're still finding out!

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Cool Breezes and Warm Water

Cause winter is always just around the corner…book your time off now and know that you can look winter in the face and LAUGH cause you have a plan!


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It’s Not All About the Boat

Knot Anchored - it's not all about the boat!Sometimes you want to just sit in the water on a nice beach in the sun.
It’s that simple.

BOOK NOW and take advantage of our SUMMER SPECIAL.
This could be you…


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Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!

GOPR1027This is standard BVI waters – crystal clear, awesome.

Come down and see for yourself – book before June 30th, 2016 and save big!
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5 Reasons to Choose a Family Vacation in BVI

What are we doing for vacation this year?


Mom, Dad what are we doing for Vacation this year?

There is no better family vacation than chartering your own private yacht and island hopping around the British Virgin Islands.  Continue reading

Reason to Get Knot Anchored #24 -Start having fun again!

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5 Things You Should Know about a Catamaran Sailing Vacation

Whenever we have guests aboard we ask them “why / how did you decide to book this type of vacation”?

GOPR2869 Continue reading

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Tans will fade but memories last forever…time to make some memories!

tans will fade MODSandy Spit, BVI 2015

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St Lucia with the family – Part 2

This is the little slice of heaven we found in Marigot Bay – Capella Marina.
Even when we weren’t on the boat – this was not the kind of place we vacationed at.
We were more of a 2 star rental and a car kind of traveler because quite frankly the place your visiting is NOT represented by your resort or hotel.
It’s off the dirt roads, in the small towns and for me in the grocery stores.
That’s real life – not the resort.


So we threw the ‘real experience’ out the window when we found this place.
It’s a high end marina (off season right now), $20 for a mooring ball and we get use of the whole place!
That includes this pool, excellent wifi, the gym and staff that treat you like you’re not on a $20 ball.

To put that into perspective for those of you not familiar with mooring balls:
Consider a mooring ball a parking spot for your boat.
Someone owns it so you pay to hook up to it.
In USVI we pay $15 / night in BVI we pay $30.
Included in that cost is …nothing.
So you can see why we’re blown away by this place!


Did I mention the cabanas with pillows and fresh towels?
What about the complimentary water and coconuts they bring around.
Oh ya and there’s the 2pm snack…

The kids really enjoyed the pool – I mean the wifi lol!
To be honest we ALL enjoyed having the wifi but it wasn’t something that ruled our days.
This is our view off the back of the boat.


That little island just sparkled at night.

This one turned out great too!

So many choices on where to nap ugh!


It wasn’t all about relaxing though.
We had many, many intense and controversial games of Scrabble – Team Scrabble actually.

collage2…and Engineer Jenga, Yahtzee, and of course Cards of Humanity where let’s face it, everyone’s a winner!

We went for sunset sails.


Were treated to this:

A must see in St Lucia is the Pitons.


Two very pointy jagged mountains pushed out of the earth through volcanic activity.

Soufriere, is where you go to catch a tour there.

Let’s just say I wouldn’t consider Soufriere one of the ‘tourist friendly’ spots.
We drove through once.
We walked around – that was … uncomfortable.
The last time we paid a guy to watch our dinghy on a supposedly secure dock while we spent money in this town and hired a driver.  NICE.
Here you guy strange guy, take this $ and thanks for not stealing or damaging our dinghy {insert swear word}.

I’m not saying roll out the red carpet but people, tourism is your main resource.
At the very least please don’t make the people trying to spend money I your community feel like they wish they stayed at the resort or on the boat!
Cuba is going to clear the playing field once she’s up and running.

So off we went on a tour:


Our driver was cool.
First we went to the volcano.

It was hot to begin with.
Now it was hotter and it smelled like sulphur which was not going over well with girls.
STRONG sulphur smell.
The guide kept saying ‘breathe it in, it’s good for the insides!’
We all nodded politely and continued breathing through our shirts!

Here is pure spring water falling from a spring above it and another before that.
The guide was encouraging us to fill our water bottles up!
This was going to be good!


And BOILING hot!
Not what you want in your water bottle on a hot day standing on a volcano!

This is a cashew tree.


Did you know… that an apple like fruit grows on this tree, roughly same size and very similar looking.
Like this:

Long story short that’s the cashew at the bottom.
This gave us a whole new perspective on cashews and why they’re so expensive.
You can eat the fruit part – it’s like a firm, tart apple.

With that we were off to the mud baths.
A magical place that takes 20 years off your age after you cake yourself in volcanic mud and rinse off in the sulphur springs which is like a hot hot muddy bath that smells like egg farts.

We were positive that no one was going to go in.
We were wrong.

We rinsed off in a beautiful waterfall and yes continued to smell like…gross but our skin was soft like baby bum!
Nature’s spa – wonderful!

It seemed fitting we take 20 yrs off our years that day cause it was Captain’s Birthday – the big 50!!

We had the designated driver set up.

We had bought a 6lb tuna off a fisherman and brought it to the Rain Forest Restaurant to cook up for us.

They did sashimi, tartare and pan fried.  Everything was deelish as you can see!


We’ve learned that time with the kids away from distractions, friends, party’s etc. is priceless.
These moments are precious and hard to come by with everyone’s busy lives let alone the distance.


Our lives are a series of moments – make them memorable…we ALWAYS do 🙂




Well a year has gone by…time for us to get Knot Anchored!

If you had told us a year ago of all the things we would accomplish, all the things we would learn but most importantly all the people we would meet we would have said ‘yeah sure’.

But we did all of that.  It’s been that wonderful.
The people we’ve met have enriched our lives in ways we never knew possible.
We learned something new from each group.
For this we are #grateful!

Knot Anchored has taken us through storms and we’ve come out the other end feeling confident in the ability of this boat to perform in some not so favorable conditions.

We’ve gone all through the Bahamas, seen Turks and Caicos and Dominican Republic and settled in nicely in the USVI / BVI area.

That’s pretty awesome.

We are a part of a community that not only supports each other but lifts each other up.
It took a while to wrap our heads around it but wow how refreshing.

Now it’s time to do some more exploring…

Off we go down South(er) to see St Lucia, St Vincent, The Grenadines, Martinique, Grenada, and one of our favorites – Trinidad.
All the islands in between, we’ll be hitting you too!

Our first stop is St Lucia to spend some time with our kids.
We’ve never been so it will, no doubt, be an adventure as were the Berry Islands, and BVI.

It’s funny how quickly we ingrain ourselves into the fabric of a community.
We went from not knowing anything to feeling at home.

Now we’re going to do it again.

Something somewhat historical happened yesterday.
Stevo donated his hat to the Ocean.
We all know the hat.

hat collageWhen he wasn’t wearing ‘the hat’ he was wearing the pirate gear lol!

So as we head off (hatless) on our little adventure be patient as we will once again be at the mercy of others internet (not looking forward to that)!

Back to BVI in October some time.

Will keep posting as we go.
Happy summer everyone!



Reason to Get Knot Anchored #22 – Salt Life Awaits

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This is the Salt Life