5 Things You Should Know about a Catamaran Sailing Vacation

Whenever we have guests aboard we ask them “why / how did you decide to book this type of vacation”?


There’s no big advertising campaign on TV or really anywhere pushing Catamaran Vacations.
If you google Catamaran Vacations stuff comes up but you have to google Catamaran Vacations precisely.

How does anyone even know about this option?
It really is the best kept secret as far as vacations go!

Turns out people talk to each other – go figure!
One person takes the leap of faith on an alternative vacation and they tell 2 friends, who tell 2 friends and so on…

This is an off the beaten path kind of vacation.
A catamaran vacation is centered on you.
The activities, food, schedule all based on YOU.


Here’s 5 ‘Need to Knows’ about a catamaran sailing vacation aboard Knot Anchored.

  1. Sea Sickness: 
    We chose a catamaran because it’s so stable.  Knot Anchored is 46 feet long and 23 feet wide.
    She doesn’t get tossed about easily.


We didn’t want to get seasick either, after all, we live here!
Sailing around the British Virgin Islands is wonderful because we are protected from the big open water.
Every island is virtually within eyesight yet completely unique from the last one.


Summed up, you can put your drink down and it doesn’t slide across the table and swan dive to the floor.


Hey if it makes you feel better, bring a patch or get some Dramamine but we suggest you not take anything unless you need it – prevention is not the key here.
Those meds can really knock you out and by taking them ahead of time you might miss out on some really fun stuff so hold off you probably won’t need them!
We’re not sailing the seven seas here, just toodling around the islands!

2.  Claustrophobia:
‘I don’t know if I can spend that much time in a confined space with everyone.’
Good news is – you don’t have to, there is nothing confining about Knot Anchored.

We estimate her to have 1800sq feet of usable space.
Everyone isn’t smushed together close talking in the cockpit for a week.
If that was the case WE wouldn’t be on the boat!

Let’s do a quick run through of all the livable areas on the yacht:
Trampoline out front, one of the most favorite spots on the yacht.


Secondary deck space at helm level.

Helm (where the steering wheel is) seats 4 comfortably, out of the sun, great vantage point.


Cockpit shaded outdoor living area at the back of the boat, where you will be dining, enjoying happy hour and most likely napping at some point!
Actually enough room to do all three at the same time!


Salon indoor living room area – should the party move inside.


Cabin, your bedroom complete with en suite and your own shower.
Crystal Clear Waters surrounding you as far as you can see.
Snorkel, hang out in the floaty island or just noodle around!


Beaches, everywhere. In the event we aren’t close enough to swim to the beach we can jump in the dinghy.

3.  Sample itinerary:
Every day we are at another island.
Every day just gets better.


Here’s some of the places we frequent:
St John
Peter Island Salt Island
Cooper Island
Saba Rock
Virgin Gorda
Jost Van Dyke

There is no solid route per se.
We sit down with you at the beginning of the trip and go over your preferences (i.e. snorkeling, sunbathing, relaxing, hiking, adventure, partying, soul searching, star gazing etc.…)

Then we come up with a plan.
We revisit the plan every evening, in anticipation for the next day’s adventures.

You love a place – we can stay there.
You point to it  – we can go there.


It’s your vacation, we are here to guide you and ensure you get the absolute most from your time in the islands.

 4.  Food and Drink:
What’s a vacation without some good eats and the odd (ok every day) happy hour!

Shortly before your vacation you will receive a preference sheet.
This is your chance to let us know about your likes, dislikes, allergies etc.…
Be as detailed as you can.
Dislikes are just as important as likes maybe even more so – tell us and we won’t include them in the menu!


Not into spicy food – let us know.


The more info you give the easier it is to plan the week.

Hey it’s 5:00 somewhere right?
We will do our best to get the brands you love and of course – keep them ice cold!


Understanding it’s difficult to estimate how much you will drink in the course of a week just do the best you can.

5.  What’s extra:
There are 3 packages to choose from for this vacation.
Full Board – Everything’s included just bring yourself, and a hair dryer if you need one, we don’t have hair dryers on board!
Half Board – Everything’s included (moorings, customs fees, admin stuff) you get all your breakfasts, snacks and booze and 4 lunches and 3 dinners.
Gives you a chance to sample the local cuisine.
Don’t forget the hair dryer – there’s lots of wind to blow through your locks though so take that into consideration.
Captain Only – is just that, you get your guide the Captain and his First Mate.
You take care of all customs fees, moorings, and fuel, food, booze and hair dryers.
Captain Stevo will be your guide to all the islands making sure you get the absolute most of each place.


We can arrange the following at additional costs:

Helicopter rides, scuba diving, kite surfing, meals/drinks ashore, spa days.

Crew Gratuity – it’s customary, as with any service orientated business, to tip 15 to 20% depending on your satisfaction of course.

WHY book this trip?
On Knot Anchored you are NOT a number.
You don’t line up for meals or have to sign up for sightseeing tours.
Snorkel tours – nope just jump off the back of your private yacht.

Day trips – every day we take you to another island, no additional costs, no other people, all customized for you and your group.


Life is but a series of moments.
Ask yourself this, when was the last time you were surprised?

A sailing vacation aboard Knot Anchored is filled with awesome little gems along the way.

Experience an unforgettable vacation with friends or family.
Re-energize. Reconnect. Unwind.

There’s so much to see and nowhere you need to be.
Let us take you there.
Let us take care of you.

7 thoughts

  1. Hello. We are arriving on a cruise ship 9 am in December departs at 6. Do you have any day trips that could accommodate. Love BVI and would love to do your trip as described for a week but get a taste for a day.


    1. Hi Mark. We can do a day cruise no problem. We do not book them ahead of time however because our charters take precedent.
      Reach out closer to your date and if we are available we can make a plan!


  2. What a beautiful site! This is exactly the genuinity and adventurous spirit we are looking for in our partners! You should list on antlos.com, we’d be delighted to have you on our fleet! Have a look and let me know what you think. It’s for free. 🙂


  3. Such an amazing trip !! We spent a week on Knot Anchored with friends and fell completely in love with her, the BVI and Captain Stevo and Chrissy. Our trip was full of adventure, fun, rejuvenating, relaxing, and offered us memories we will hold on to forever. Thanks Knot Anchored! We love you!


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