5 Reasons to Choose a Family Vacation in BVI

What are we doing for vacation this year?

Mom, Dad what are we doing for Vacation this year?

There is no better family vacation than chartering your own private yacht and island hopping around the British Virgin Islands. 
It’s actually the best kept secret as far as unique vacations go and here’s 5 reasons why:

1.  Family Time


Not all vacations promote time with the family.
If you go to an All Inclusive Resort the activities are not usually set up to promote everyone having fun TOGETHER.
There’s children’s activities and than there’s adulty activities.
When you vacation on your own private yacht there’s a lot of face time with your kids.
No kids dropping by, no parties to go to, no Netflix, Xbox etc…

The only distractions you have are together as a family, seeing a turtle, snorkeling with Nemo, watching the sky light up with stars at night or crawling  through the Baths.

That’s when the magic happens and you create memories that will last a lifetime!

2.  Stress Free


When was the last time someone took care of you?
Every day you take manage schedules, meal plans, cleaning.
Not here.
Your focus shifts to you and your kids.

Read a book.
Take a nap.
Play Jenga!!


3.  Tons of Activities


Knot Anchored takes you from one island to the next, the dinghy takes you exploring all around those areas!

Never know what you’ll find.


We have all the toys: paddle boards, wake board, tube…





Lets just say no shortage of stuff to do!

4.  Excursions


This is a map of the British Virgin Islands – this is the area we cover.
This could be your vacation.

Step off your private yacht into a different paradise every day!

5.  Relaxation and Value

collage boat

You get 3 bedroom accommodations with all the meals/beverages/snacks, shore excursions, island excursions and water activities, with none of the line ups, reservations, or crowds.

Knot Anchored has spacious, air conditioned, fun themed cabins to retire to at the end of a hard day of laughter and hijinx!

But the most important thing is to keep the kids happy…


..or just push them off in the floaty island with some noodles and let them work it out!

Now you have a reason to come to BVI, do some island hopping and make some amazing memories happen!





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