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Greek Pasta Salad To.Die.For.

I will NEVER buy Greek Salad Dressing again.

This is my go to forever and ever I love it so much.  
I hope you do too!


We nap so we can rise again and EAT!

Siestas and late-night dinners were implemented out of a need for relief from the scorching daytime heat of Mediterranean summers. 
We’ve mastered the napping but the late night dinners remain a challenge.

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Sailing the Greek Islands

I’m here to tell you, unequivocally, that this stuck togetherness issue on a boat is NOT actually an issue and here’s why.
You always have options. You get off the boat every day.
Some people want to shop.
Some people want to hike.
Others want to chill out with a beer and some snacks at a local tavern (I’ll let you place bets on who out of our group wanted that).