RIP AC – Day 5


This was not a surprise.  Our AC’s demise happened at noon in this non stop 33 degree Celsius weather in a Publix parking lot.  That scary noise we were ignoring became a scary smell and we pulled the plug on her or should I say pulled the belt off.

Alas this type of event DRASTICALLY changes your trip.  Driving is okish but sitting at a stop light is hot, that’s the only word there is for it HOT.

Continuing along scenic A1A we passed yet another little gem of a beach town called Flagler Beach.  It’s nice because it’s not built up with all the major hotels that hog the beach accesses.  Everything is in a line across from the beach Easy!  The north section is busy and probably the best place to get a motel or grab a bite.
Never heard of it.  Probably why it’s not over run by Hampton Inn’s and McDonalds.

Cocoa Beach was our destination today because we were HOT and needed to swim and get out of the car.
Cocoa Beach has the biggest Ron Jon store we’ve ever seen.  It’s like a mall!

The central part is very busy and getting to the beach is a hassle unless you stay at one of the $$$ hotels on the beach.
We kept driving.

Just when it felt like we drove too far there was Anthony’s on the Beach.  And it is on the beach.  This is the view RIGHT outside our room:

Hotel ViewThat’s our railing!  Crazy right?

The sand here is like silk, a few surfers pepper the beach and since it’s Saturday the families are out in force.

This is also a turtle nesting area but we weren’t lucky enough to see any.

The one other cool thing is we are literally blocks away from a Military place of some sort where fighter jets fly out of.
Imagine 2 black jet fighters in the sky in that picture above doing maneuvers, its really amazing and yet scary at the same time when you think about it.

I think we did around 200km today.


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