Finally on the road – DAY ONE

Tuesday was our first day on the road.  It was pouring when we left but it was early and we crossed over the Queenston Lewiston bridge at 9:30 am.  Heading south on I-90 our first pit stop found us at Grove City.

Grove CityThis mythical shopping meca only has 3% sales tax and a big outlet mall.  The trade off isn’t too bad for cross border shopping trip and only 3 1/2hrs away.  Having not bought anything new for months Steve and I were unaffected.

Day one ended in Pittsburgh – basically everywhere you looked there were bridges.  We tried the local cuisine which is a very white bread (omg I cant remember the last time we ate WHITE bread but whatever!) loaded with meat, cheese, coleslaw and French fries.  This mini heart attack also came with a SIDE of french fries…this experience wasn’t impressive enough to overcome the guilt of eating fries with a side of fries on white bread!

Pittsburgh also has possibly the best and biggest restaurant / bar area EVER.   South Side Flats makes New Orleans look like it’s baby sister.  I don’t think I would be exaggerating when I say it was a 10 + blocks of bars one beside the other.
How do they all co-exist?
Might have something to do with local University students 😉

So that was Day One with 526 km under our belt.


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