Back roads of Virginia – DAY TWO

Saying good bye to Pittsburgh at the crack of rush hour traffic – ugh.  We hit the road at 8am.
It was sunny and cool.  Considering that the east coast just got hammered with rain and wind, we weren’t complaining.

West Virginia driving looks like this.  It’s mountainous and lush with forests and blue skies.  It reminds me of a beer commercial it’s so unbelievably scenic!

The Drive

It must of been one heck of an undertaking to clear these paths and in some events just dig through the mountains.  The tunnels are incredible.



There really wasn’t anywhere to stop cause for as far as you could see in all directions its this rolling mountainous scenery.  We did find a Scenic Rest Stop at the 2nd tallest bridge in the USA.   Yes another bridge however this one is BIG!

2nd Lrgst Bridge In USA

See the itty bitty cars.  Well that held our attention for approximately 6 minutes.  There was an option to hike down to the bottom, but you know what that means, hiking back up to the top. NO THANK YOU.

This was the very helpful and informative sign at the visitors center.  Can’t say we’ve ever seen that in Canada before.

VA Visitor Ctr Warning



Here is the coal mine we found to visit off it was in Berkeley.  This mine was the real deal.

Beckley Coal Mine


We took the creepy underground tour.

The Tour

Our guide was an actual coal miner!  They use this place for movies.

Coal Miner


We headed back out on the road looking for a place for the night and at 500km we thought we hit the jackpot.  All of a sudden the GPS was showing a cluster of hotels like we had yet to see during this trip.  2 Econo’s, 2 Clarion’s, 2 Hamptons and many more. Hotels on top of hotels.  What was this town about that it needed THAT many hotels?
Well we never found the answer to that question.
All those hotels were vacant.
The streets were barren.
All the store fronts were empty, signs falling off the buildings.
We turned around and decided to KEEP DRIVING, far away from this weird sad town.

100km later we found a great hotel at the end of this street:


Must be weird to live on Witt’s End Road!  Luckily we’re just passing through.

Day Two 600km DONE



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