Staniel Cay – Pigs, gotta love the pigs

Frustrated piggy2
I know we posted the video already but Staniel Cay was all about the pigs – lets face it they were funny!  When we got there we really didn’t know WHAT to expect.
Here’s how it went down.

See there really is more to Staniel Cay then just the pigs.
Like giant manta rays that pop up on you when you’re preoccupied with the stampeding pigs !

Frustrated piggy
I stayed in the dinghy to
a)  gently maneuver the pigs away if they got to close with their hooves and what not
b)  keep doling out the food
c)  keep the dinghy inflated
But mostly cause I didn’t really want to swim with pigs.
I have experienced swimming with big goofy dogs that almost drown you as they paddle over and on top of you.
Pigs didn’t look like fun.

Later on we explored the town a little bit.
Too late for lunch at both places 😦

Found an airport.

Staniel Cay Airport
I know it doesn’t LOOK like an airport but it’s actually pretty busy.
We left our mark there too, under the gazebo on the telephone.

Staniel Cay airport KA
Then we went tooling around the caves with the dinghy and swam at Thunderball Grotto (place where a James Bond movie was filmed in the 70’s I think).

But it all comes back to the pigs…

Manta and pigs

And of course this surprise guest:


2 thoughts

  1. I guess you must know by now that is not a manta ray… It is a sting ray :o)
    I love the way you can see the pig actually running to come out to you! I was just there last week and did not see that piggy. He’s a cutie!!


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