Last Leg of Bahamas – Chicken Harbor (Georgetown)

Monster yacht
Georgetown surprised us.
I guess it’s from being docked in Fort Lauderdale for so long.
While docked in FLA I can’t tell you how many of these monster yachts would come through.
A lot were flagged Georgetown. 

You know when you see a person driving an exotic car, you half expect the house to match the wheels.
Not so with Georgetown.
Small main harbor named Kidd Cove, had 5 boats in it which to us was a crowd but on the same hand so nice to see someone else on the water!

This ‘little’ harbor at high season get 300 boats anchored in it.
Apparently the place is jammed from Nov to April.

There’s quite the boater community here.
They have a daily radio show on the VHF every morning with notices of book swaps, yoga classes and even happy hour specials.
That VHF show is short now as it is off season.

Free internet!! Whoot whoot!

Went to the very popular Chat n’Chill bar on Stocking Island it was a nice spot, standard beach bar.
ChatnChill sticker
We left our mark there (on the mirror).

Found out how far it is to Peterborough from there – 1270 nautical miles.

Sign to Peterborough 1270 nm
Invited one of our boater neighbors travelling on Blue Heavens.
It was Canadian Thanksgiving so we laid out a feast:

Ok not really a feast per se!

Went into town that evening.

Lil Js
Really wanted to check out the restaurant Peace and Plenty but it was closed.
This is the place where Johnny Depp (yes another Johnny Depp story) accepted his People’s Choice award via satellite.
Dude’s so awesome he’s like ‘People’s Choice ummmmmm can’t make it set up a live feed and I’ll say something after I’m done dinner”.
It’s not a high end place either, apparently he has a place around Gtown somewhere and drops in every once in awhile.

Actually David Copperfield has an island right close which he rents out for a mere $216k a week.
Definitely not AS cool a story as the Depp one!

And met some interesting locals.

One of these is not like the other…
Gold tooth

Here I am with Ice Man and one of Bahamaians finest, gotta get me a gold tooth!

Thanks to iTunes we downloaded Walking Dead to watch while underway.
That only took 4 hours!!
Worth it.
Don’t care.

Down one toilet. I dropped a penny in it – don’t ask!
It’s seized up.
Good thing we have 3 more eh!

Georgetown to Turks & Caicos

Here’s an interesting factoid, Georgetown is also known as ‘Chicken Harbour’.
It is the last stop in the Bahamas chain before you kick off to some blue water sailing.
So we got diesel, and left our mark.

GT gas sticker

Overnighters are inevitable.
For us, an overnighter is not a big deal.
I would go so far as to say we like them.

There is something about knowing that not only are you leaving and hoping you have all you need, but also that there are no real places to ‘hide’ in the event that weather should strike.

We were once again looking down at Hurricane Gonzalo, which was on his way up.

Fairly certain that his route had been diverted to Bermuda we jumped off on this unknown trek South at around noon on Oct 14th.

We made good time until we hit the west side of Crooked Islands, immediately losing 5 knots.

Considering how much chaos Gonzalo was wreaking on the very same ocean. We ended up with no wind.

Quiet night on the ocean

We fully expected all hell to break loose as we rounded the bottom of the Crooked Islands, Mira Vos Pos passage at 3am.
Nope na da.

2nd toilet seized up what the…

And then a miracle.
You see this time of year the winds all blow from the East.
We don’t know why but will definitely be googling it.
This is like real life Discovery channel!

Anyways we got a Westerly woo hoo which blew us straight (pretty much) to Turks and Caicos.

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