Our Tour of BVI – Part 1

This past week we took a quickie 5 day tour of the British Virgin Islands with some friends and our kids.
Can BVI be done in 5 days?No it can’t so we sight see’d (I know, not a word) and snorkeled our faces off.
We didn’t get AS many photos of all the things we saw mainly because we were to busy doing stuff and couldn’t be bothered with babysitting our phones against the evils salt water and sand.

Food.  Food was going to be very important.
When you’re out in the fresh air and wind being active it makes you hungry.
Actually our kids are hungry all the time so the wind and fresh air played a minimal part in their eating patterns!

These our Knot Anchored’s Moroccan Egg Rolls with Ginger Salad.
I don’t care if Moroccan’s don’t have egg rolls on their menus – that’s what I call these and they’re gooood.

My intention was to also document our journey through food.
These is Knot Anchored’s Coconut Rum infused French Toast, Caramelized Bananas and Bacon.
There that’s it for our food journey.
We were too busy to document food!

This is where you’d find us after breakfast every day.
Jump in the dinghy and head out to …somewhere!

When you fly into St Thomas you need to ‘Clear In’ at Soper’s Hole – this is Soper’s.
There are other alternatives to clear in but this is one we frequent.
Everyone is friendly and you’re in and out in the blink of an eye.

We walked around the few shops on the waterfront, I did a quick recon on the grocery store there.

While the kids tortured each other.

Had a great lunch at the Fish N Lime which serves the very unique peanut butter and bacon sandwich…
It was weird but not bad.

Back on the boat – selfies.

Did not take long to get comfortable – this controlled chaos reminds me of the RV.
There are a few ‘must see’ places in the BVI’s, this is one of them.  Willy T’s bar.
Here you can tie up the dinghy and go up for a PainKiller OR take your clothes off and jump off the back…
We were a little early for that, it was pretty laid back but I can see how this place must be jumping when the seasons in full swing.

I tried to get a picture of the kids standing at the back of the boat but unfortunately the 80yr old sailor moored behind Willy T decided to have an afternoon shower on his boat – on the deck.
I tried to convince the kids this would make a funny background to their picture however they didn’t see it like that.

It was customary for us to pull up anchor and leave early in the morning for the next port of call while the kids slept.

This beauty double rainbow was spotted with coffee in hand at The Indians before all the days action unfolded.
These ominous rocks are The Indians.  This a great snorkel spot and that’s how we spent our morning.

Here’s our rum delivery!

It’s nice to have friends in boats with rum nearby, no dinghy required just your arms and legs – thanks Nadiya!

Moving right along we stopped in at Peter’s Island.  Beautiful beach, great water.

Kids got some more exercise paddling around.015
Finished our day off on Cooper’s Island at the Cooper Island Beach Resort.
Great spot, beautiful views.

Enjoyed the rustling of the palm trees above.
And headed back to Knot Anchored for some dinner.



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