Our BVI Tour (Part 2)- Annaberg Cane Mill Ruins

A quick dinghy ride and a small hike up a hill and you’re at Annaberg Cane Mill Ruins.
This is the view from there.As with all ruins the air around Annaberg is almost tangible.
Run by slaves, it’s ironic that this scenic paradise was their prison.

Annaberg is situated in Leinster Bay WaterLemon Cay.
The story goes that all the slaves on this island united and rose up against their captors.
One night, all across the island, the drums started beating at the same time and basically all the “masters” were slaughtered with the exception of one doctor and his family.  He had shown kindness to the slaves and they just set him and his family adrift.
They held complete control of this island for one year.

There is no plant holder here.  This guy is just growing out of the rock!

Must have been HELL building this place.  How amazing its in such good shape.
R5So cool.

Steve was absolutely mesmerized by this.  Big chunks of brain corral used as corner stones.
I was mesmerized by this tree.  Reminds me of the tree of life imagery.
How exactly is this possible?
Mind = blown!

R8Jungle walk through option.

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