The Last Part of our BVI Tour


This is Saba Rock and it’s a super cool anchorage.This tiny island with the beautiful restaurant has a current flying by there like no other.
If you look in the water it looks like we are underway with the water rushing past like it does here!

Everyone loves Saba Rock!
To the right of Saba Rock you will find the famous BEYC – the Bitter End Yacht Club.

Did I mention we got internet here?

Waking up to this view, the quiet that early morning brings and someone doing yoga on the roof of their boat – cool!

Well can’t stay at Saba forever!  Off for a sail to Anegada aka The Drowned Island.

So easy to fall asleep while sailing – the boat just glides along silently.

Anegada Reef Hotel, home of the wood chip BBQ’s lobster!

Best way to see the island – in the back of an open air truck.
Anegada is a largely untouched, non commercialized island.
It’s waterfront is protected by a reef that crashes out in the distance providing the view and the soundtrack to an incredible memory.
That is correct – we love us our Anegada moments!

What aren’t untouched are the beach bars along the way.

This is Cow Wreck Bay.  Story goes:
Captain shipwrecks his boat on the reef I mentioned above.
Ship’s loaded up with cow bones for fertilizer.
Cow bones wash up on shore for quite some time after that event and you can snorkel on the downed ship.
Apparently you can see the noose where the Captain took his life before going under.
Embarrassed of the possibility of surviving and being known to shipwreck his boat.

Here’s the thing – over 300 ships have been claimed by this protective horseshoe shaped reef.
He was in good company.
This is the Cow Wreck Bar.
You can be your own bartender here.
Or just watch the gong show!

Same wild waterfront.

Hard to look away really.

And let’s not forget the sunsets – awesome!

Then it’s back into the truck and back to being Knot Anchored 🙂
More to see on the next visit.

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