Hog Heaven – Virgin Gorda

There are no shortage of places to see in the British Virgin Islands.  Hog Heaven was a recommendation and we’re glad we took it!The view is well, ridiculous!


Hog Heaven is located at the very tippy top of Virgin Gorda.
This picture does not do it justice.

The island at the very top left is the infamous Necker Island owned by Richard Branson.

Built on the edge of the mountain HH not only has a killer view but the food is awesome as well!
We asked Blondie (owner) why he chose this spot to build.
He said he liked the challenge of building on the edge of a mountain!
We’re glad he did!


2 thoughts

  1. ⚓️Thank you guys for such a ausome vacation at sea in the BVI. ❤️We had A WONDERFUL TRIP💼 with the best company ever. 🍴The food was out of this world and the daily adventures were mind blowing. ⛵️THE BOAT is beautiful and the crew top notch.🍷Thank You Kindly for having us. 💐


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