Love City’s Country Music Warm Up with Friends


It’s not often that friends come to visit, we’re not exactly right around the corner anymore…But when they DO it’s always a nice surprise!  And there will probably be a Pain Killer involved lol!

Luckily there’s always something going on around here.
This time it was The Love City Country Music Festival warm up at Soggy Dollar.

Soggy is a ‘must see’ on everyone’s list when they come down.  As there is no dock to pull up to many people swim in, hence the soggy dollars!

Never have we seen it this busy. Soggy was in fine form starting at 8am!

Now we love country music.

Not everyone does but if you like beaches, sunshine and bikinis you would’ve been in luck – all right here at the Soggy Dollar.

Actually everything is always here except the country music, that was just a bonus this time.

The stage was set up right in front of Soggy’s, build it and they will come…and they did.

A Canadian artist, Jerrod Neiman, also made an appearance, and truly what better venue then this.

Then it was back to Knot Anchored for a blue cocktail.

With a blue cherry OF COURSE!

The next day was a sail day.

Life is good, better when shared with friends ❤






One thought

  1. So tickled to join you for a moment in your new life! I know from experience all the reasons why someone would fall in love with this place and I’m thrilled for you two! Just keep safe and enjoy…I hope to come aboard again soon. Thanks for having us xo


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