Chasing down a dream

Ever look back on your life and accomplishments and think  ‘Wow, if that one thing hadn’t happened I wouldn’t be where I am today’.

One little seemingly uninteresting non life shattering event can change the direction your life takes.
It’s kind of mind blowing actually.Case in point.  This is Kevin and Cheryl (or Sharelle her adopted island name).


They came to Knot Anchored in a kind of reunion situation.
They’re long time neighbors had moved away.

KA 1
We’ve all been there.  Stinks when your friends move away.
Coincindentally, ever notice the people you WANT to move away NEVER do? Just an observation!

In an effort for K/C to reconnect with their old friends a trip aboard Knot Anchored was decided upon and they came  flying in from different places.
Now that’s awesome right there.  I could stop the story now and we would all walk away satisfied.
But there is more…

And the reason there is more is because their good friends moved away.
If they hadn’t, chances are good this trip and the series of events to follow would not have taken place and no one would be the wiser.

Intrigued?  Stay with me on this it’s a good story.

A story about following your dreams.
Moving forward towards them and then grabbing them once they’re within reach even if they’re a little further out then you feel comfortable reaching for.

Many a heartfelt conversation takes place onboard during the course of a week.

G0030202And off board for that matter!

People get the chance to just be…


From the minute we met them, Kevin and Cheryl spoke of a time in the near future when they too would sell it all and live on a boat.

Stevo and I had just created a Facebook page in order to share some insight into what a vacation aboard a private yacht (Knot Anchored) in the Virgin Islands looks like.

FB Page

So many great pics from this charter!

There are not a lot of boaters who can say their beer is THIS cold!

A trip to Anegada is always magic for Stevo and I.  Love sharing this place with people!

IMG_3281It’s also very relaxing!

IMG_3280There’s always surprises!

First non Barracuda ever caught on Knot Anchored!

These are the moments we want to make sure that the guests can also post onto Knot Anchored’s Facebook page.

Now fast forward –  the week is all but over, one more day to go.  I see a post on Stevo’s Facebook page after testing Knot Anchored’s page out on his iPad.
And no I wasn’t creeping on his page!

It’s early, 7am, so not many people have had a chance to respond to the posting yet.  I hand it over to Cheryl and say ok here’s your opportunity to try this dream lifestyle out.

The posting was from ACES4 Captain Erik.  His wife (Sherrie) and himself were about to sail over to Morocco.
The weather window was there.  It was time.
Then their original lookout cancelled on them.

This is their 40 foot catamaran ACES4


So they needed a new watch crew.  No experience necessary.
A 30 day trip leaving Charlotte Amalie heading to the Azores, spending a week there.
Moving on from the Azores to final destination Morocco.

Cheryl did not hesitate and contacted Erik immediately. Erik knew Knot Anchored.
Everyone see’s Knot Anchored ‘out there’.
She’s pretty, she’s green, she’s here and sometimes there!

That’s Knot Anchored 🙂

We vouched for K/C to Erik and by the time Kevin came back from his beach walk a meeting was arranged!
And their flight had been delayed so they would be with us an extra day.
You see how all this is lining up for these two!?  First their friends move away, then the FB page post which I never would have seen if I hadn’t been testing the page, then the flight delay…

Luckily we had no immediate charters booked and decided we wouldn’t just keep them on an extra day we would take them BACK to BVI for this meeting.
Why not right?!  You can’t help but get swept along in the romance of this situation.

The initial meeting was set up.

Then there was a ‘let’s all sleep on it’ verdict.  Everyone seemed to get along.
We parted ways with Kevin and Cheryl the following day.

That was May 9th.

On May 17th  they came back!

With all their immediate needs for the trip!

Love these two – how can you not!

One last night aboard Knot Anchored joined by Sherrie and Erik.

Next day it was time for Sherrie and Cheryl to do the provisioning for a months supply of food.

Kevin stayed behind with Erik to do systems checks and the like.

I gave them a book very near and dear to our hearts.  Well written and funny account of two people selling everything to go live on a boat, having never sailed before!

A sort of handing off the gauntlet ceremonial thing!

We all met up for one last restaurant meal that night at our favorite place in French Town, The Pie Whole.

pie whole

We had wine, we had pizza.
We shared stories.

We made toasts.

I ate Crème Brule…



It was an early night.
Next morning we were on our way to get ready for our next charter but we had to sail by one last time.


Even as Cheryl was all in for this adventure Kevin remained firmly in a state of ‘this is great but let’s not jeopardize anything’.

He emailed us just after they got home from the original charter with friends.
He was now more scared about the ramifications of NOT taking this opportunity to sail across the ocean then the actual trip itself!

Well Kevin doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.
He made the leap of faith.

And now they are out there sailing their hearts out!


No regrets!

Stay tuned…




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