Time to go below the water line


Knot Anchored has been good to us.  We take care of her.  She keeps us floating and comfortable.Stevo is diligent with maintenance and repairs on the boat.

But sometimes you can’t do it all yourself.
Sometimes you need to go below the waterline.

That’s where Nanny Cay Marina comes into play.
When it’s time to haul out and get some bottom paint and service the sail drives we go there.

Once we get her facing the right direction we get can get started lol!


She gets all strapped in and cozy.


And up she goes!


Not gonna lie, it freaks you out.
Think about watching your house getting hoisted into the air.

Over your head!!


This is what’s happening under the water line.


It’s like it’s own aquatic universe complete with shells and gooey stuff.

We try to keep on top of this during the season but there’s only so much you can do.

bottom collageFirst step is power washing off all the goo.

IMG_4009Lookin’ good!

Once she’s all spiffed up they drive her over to her resting spot in the marina.
See those blocks – that’s what she sits on.
Again, freaked out.
Our home sitting balanced on blocks?
What if there’s wind or … I don’t know!

But everyone’s balanced on blocks and Nanny Cay knows it’s stuff and I, obviously, am new to this game so I just let it be.

All primed and ready for her bottom paint.

Stevo never left her side, servicing this, replacing that.
I on the other hand binged watched Food Network and worked on my menu in the AC of the hotel room!
It’s amazing that you can ALWAYS learn something new about cooking.
A trick or a hack, you never know everything!
I like to keep the menu evolving.
It’s not work for me.
Even though I guess it kind of is!

Favorite take away from the binge – White Chocolate Ganache (didn’t apparently learn how to spell it but…)
Sounds very intimidating and foo foo but alas, with some prep it is UNBELIEVABLE.

I don’t even like sweets.
Or at least  didn’t think I did!

And back in she goes after 4 days.
With a snazzy new green colored bottom (cause the blue wasn’t making sense) and new props.

Everyone here was so helpful and friendly.
Love this place!

Glad to now sail into the sunset!


St Lucia here we come!!


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