Carricou Regatta Celebrations -fun new party game??

We are currently in Carricou. 

Yes a wee bit behind on the blog posts.  Stick with us.  They’re coming. 

Showed up last night to join in the celebrations of the Regatta.   Met up with our friends from Zero to Cruise to have a beverage and asked the waiter 

Why are all those people lined up on the ferry dock?

Apparently to see this fun competition:

  It’s called the greased pole competition.  Person to get out the farthest wins. 
Looks painful. Just saying!

There were other events last night like donkey races, strong man competition and my personal fave, catch the greased pig! 

We missed all those events but did dance the night away on the street with the kids, actually with everyone! 

 Oh ya and we laughed. A lot!  Great nite shared with friends. 

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