St Lucia – Part 1

First stop in St Lucia – Rodney Bay. There were many of these sailors out in the bay when we arrived.
Not sure what the actual name of this activity is besides – sailing.
Looks like everyone has to sit on the side of the boat and one guy gets a really big paddle…


Here is one bad a$$ boat.
Our guess – young money.

IMG_4223Check this out – does it not look like cottage country?!
No palm trees.  Lush vegetation and full size trees.

Maybe we should make a dock shots coffee table book!

Long skinny streets, not really colorful or caribbeany more like …real.
Consider this the real version of what we see – there’s no sugar coating.

Here’s a recurring theme…trying to get cash.

And not getting any, over and over what the…

After a long hard day of wandering the skinny streets and being rejected by every bank machine in town it was wine down time!


Some things are worth waiting for!  This particular bar had a pier that extended way out with cute little tables to sit at.


This is looking back towards town, which was starting to get going with live bands and the like.

Back in Rodney Bay I look out the window to see Stevo looking at something growing out of the back of the boat.

It’s the fruit, veggie dude!
Not only does he have an amazing selection of fruits and veggies…he grows herbs on the roof!
Finally, some basil!

It is seriously hilarious to see this come floating towards you.
Everyone’s trying to make a living.

This is Sandals Resort, Rodney Bay.
You pay a kazillion dollars to go to this resort, yet technically no one owns the water or the beach.
So we can just come right over plunk down our anchor and enjoy the same thing for $0.

Fun Fact:  Sandals has 3 resorts on St Lucia!

As we roam around Rodney Bay in our dinghy we enter a strange little area that is very reminiscent of the Inter Coastal Waterway FLA.

Beautiful waterfront homes, condos, manicured lawns and this place:


Notice we didn’t take any pictures of the beautiful places?
There’s no story there.
Beautiful people living or renting beautiful homes with boring manicured lawns in the Caribbean – seriously?
Sorry no story there.

But this place is like, wow.  Broken down deck rotting away.
Someone had a dream.
Something happened that stopped it.
There’s a story there – we just don’t know it, but we can feel it.

Lots of creature comforts around here.
Marinas, shops and restaurants, sushi in particular.


The tray this guy made was a work of art.

I make sushi.  I know how long it takes to make me do this:

But it’s good!
Here’s what we had :


I apologize for the quality of this photo but it really conveys a sense of relaxation doesn’t it?

Just steps from the Sushi place is this place.
A pub, meeting place where sailor’s can catch up on their email, shoot some pool or watch TV like Stevo here.
Great breeze friendly people, very chill.

Next day we headed out cause we had seen all Rodney Bay has to offer.

Look what happens when you keep looking for what’s over the horizon!
This is Marigot Bay and it is so (hate using this word all the time) AWESOME!


We found a cool little paradise and I ceased to be fair haired!

Stay tuned more to come on St Lucia!



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