What Key? I thought you had the key!?

Ok so after our action packed Grenada road trip we had MORE drama!
But it’s kind of embarrassing so don’t tell anyone!We get back from our road trip.
Returning rental car to parking spot and unloading the multiple bags of groceries to take to the dinghy.

You see whenever you have use of a car you MUST go grocery shopping, it’s actually a treat to not lug everything on your back, up hill, barefoot ok ok you get the picture!

We had a great day.
We explored.
Ate chocolate.
Had a mini heart attack when we found out our boat was dragging and we were nowhere NEAR it.
Calmed down when Knot Anchored was once again secured and sitting pretty.
All in all a full day.

Ok back to the dinghy.
We need to find Knot Anchored cause she was moved to a new location with the whole dragging fiasco.
Put the groceries away.
Find all those awesome people who saved our boat and thank them.

Groceries loaded into dinghy – CHECK
Ready to go…

No dinghy key.
No one seems to have the dinghy key.
There’s only 2 of us.
And we’ve checked ALL pockets.

Plan B.  (FYI Plan A was use the dinghy key).

Ask the very helpful hotel staff for a hammer.
No can do.
An island where most laws are more of a suggestion and we find the one righteous hotel staffer who cannot give us a hammer.



Plan C – Stevo does some recon in their maintenance area and finds a big ass piece of pipe.

Big ass piece of pipe – CHECK!

Here’s what we found out.
MASTERLOCK locks – even when bought in 3 pack formats are AWESOME.

Stevo had to smash away on that sucker for a solid 10 minutes.
While everyone in the restaurant watched us, in amusement.
Glad we are so amusing to others.



On the up side it’s good to know no dinghy thief is going to bother with that kind of obstacle – nope, they’ll probably get the bolt cutters but that’s another scenario.


Thank you Stevo and big ass piece of pipe.
Not the first time this has happened and probably not the last!

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