Today we start again. 

Well I think it’s fair to say we ate up every minute of the last 2 years. 

Thing is, Stevo and I suffer from Ants in your Pantsitis…alas there is no cure.
And quite frankly we are fine with that.

Knot Anchored is a yacht in the Caribbean, yes this is true but before she was a yacht she was a way of life.
Correction, IS a way of life.
Our way of life.

To be truly Knot Anchored is to open yourself up to the universe and say ‘ok let’s do this’ and start to see all the beauty and opportunity around you.

It also has weird things waiting to be discovered like this big eyed fish which we were mesmorized by.

What the…

The point being that Knot Anchored can be anything.

  • A boat pulling away from the dock it’s tied to.
  • A dog trying to wiggle out of its collar.
  • A bird flying around a cage waiting for the door to open.

It’s being free and opening your mind to all the world has to offer you.

We are grateful for having the chance to a) do this and b) share it with you guys.


I’m gonna put it to you straight up.
The people who do this type of vacation are adventurers, they want for something more, they take chances, they live their lives like we all do but they take time out to taste life and enjoy it.

The crews that make these vacations possible are wild at heart, cut from a different cloth, every one with a book worthy story.
They have something to offer, they aren’t wasting one minute on anything that doesn’t challenge or grow them personally, emotionally.
They WILL inspire you.


We continue to be knot anchored opening our hearts to the universe saying ‘ok now what’!



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