Hummus, booze and bread oh my!

Morocco is actually a drop dead gorgeous place.

Glamorously historic now, wow what a place this must have been back in the day huh?  The days when eccentrics, writers, rock stars and outcasts all hung out together in the Medina on colorful hand woven rugs and did drugs or drank tea getting all inspired.

I have no idea if that’s still a thing here.

Yea I watched Anthony Bourdain’s Tangier and have walked the very same streets he did but I feel you need some kind of invitation into the eccentrics world – if it still exists.
Anthony got to have a cool dinner with a bunch of people who have been hanging out here forever.
The best we’ve done is walk by a café that he featured, and unfortunately it was a cruise ship day and let’s just say it wasn’t  filled with cool hippies from the 70’s.

cafe tingis, Tangiers, Morocco

Even though we cant seem to find the ‘cool kids’ we still love hanging out there.

The streets running through the Kasbah and Medina are more like alleys.  But they are EXACTLY the way you imagined them.

Medina, alley, blue, Morocco

Our place is right on the beach and we got it off VRBO.

We watch camels go by every morning and every night – they all hang out at the beach and give rides.

Camels, Tangiers beach, Morocco

Morocco is predominately dry alcohol wise.  Haven’t been to a restaurant that serves alcohol yet.
They’re big on smoothies here and mint tea.
It’s a nice break and you just can’t help looking around and thinking “so this is what sober people do at night”.
Let’s go for a drink has NEVER meant smoothie or milkshake, ever.
In North America and definitely in the islands you’re hard pressed to find an abstainer let alone an entire city!
There is a place where ex-pats go to get their drink on and other ex-patty things, not sure yet what those are but we do plan on heading over there and checking it out.
Happy to see the wine belly disappearing  – yay!

We cannot find hummus!  Is that weird?
Where is the hummus?  Is this how you spell hummus?
Maybe I’m logistically wrong but I thought the hummus situation here would be off the hook.
I remember trying to find salsa in Mexico once and it just wasn’t available.
They do sell toddler size bags of chick peas here – perhaps everyone is making their own?

They do make bread here – a lot of round perfect bread.  I favor gluten free living but…


In wood fired ovens deep in the belly of the Medina.  So good!T

Sometimes they make too much bread apparently.  See it all stacked up there.


This is now used for fish bait.

There are cats everywhere.  Not scary, get away from me, mangy cats.  Happy fed sunning cats.
I’ve seen one dog, 4 camels 3 horses and 72,000 cats.


The people here are a mix of traditional and modern and if I can make up a word traditionally modern.
Most women cover their hair 80% but they still wear ripped jeans and aviators.  It’s hard to get a grip on where you’re supposed to stand as a visitor.
I don’t think they care.
I wore a t-shirt to a restaurant and wasn’t given the evil eye by anyone so ok.
It makes you very self aware.

There was a 6 yr old boy in the restaurant and he was facing the TV on the wall.  It was Sunday and the streets were filled with families.
He was GLUED to the music videos of twerking bikini models in a David Guetta video and laughed out loud every time there was a close up booty shot.
His family didn’t care.
I felt better about my t-shirt 🙂


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