Now we are here.

Our flight to Morocco involved 3 plane changes and although that sounds painful upon reflection I would say it was very pleasant the whole way through. First it was Jet Blue which was a totally comfortable flight.  There was leg room and real snacks not the no name pretzels and cookies we usually end up with on OTHER airlines.
Jet Blue had TERRA chips!
Indie size terra chips wow.

Reading that last paragraph makes me think we should seriously consider the airlines for our journeys and not just the price points.  If its the journey and not the destination than there should be decent snacks onboard!  And leg room so we don’t get blood clots after 4 hrs!

Jet Blue airlines was great and TAP airlines took us on our next legs.
Thumbs up, great airline tons of room, great movies, TV shows etc…

This matters when you take a 30hr trip somewhere and so does a neck pillow apparently.  Wow what a difference an overnight flight experience becomes with a neck pillow.
Don’t skimp.
I’ve fought it for my entire life for some reason.
Your rolled up coat won’t work and neither will your partners shoulder, your arm or the tray table.
Get the pillow!

Our one checked bag made it hurray!
How does a bag on a direct flight to Vegas get lost FOREVER and a bag that travels from the Caribbean through the US to Portugal and finally Morocco make it?
What a fantastic journey for us and all of our stuff.

Guess what – all my initial questions seem silly for lack of a better word.
One might say that they were the equivalent of someone asking a Canadian if we ride around in snowmobiles and fight Polar Bears on a daily basis.
We do ride sleds (for fun) and we only see Polar Bears at the Zoo for the most part.

There are no camels wandering the streets.  Lots of people wearing jeans.
Everyone has been very friendly.
The grocery store has everything and a rocking fish department I guess being a coastal city?

There is no liquor stores that we’ve come across at this point but we haven’t really searched them out …yet.
Our VRBO rental is the 4th floor  of a condominium.  It’s a 2 bdrm, all brand new everything and we can have our coffee on the balcony watching and listening to the waves crashing against the beach.

Morocco’s weather in December is a perfect 16-21 degrees.

Haven’t done much else but grocery shop and nap to catch up.
We have the luxury of time.

To Do List:  EXPLORE (soon)!


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