Greece – The Acropolis


When someone says Greece, one of the first things that pop into your mind is…no not Mamma Mia!
It’s the Acropolis!
Please, is there anywhere in Greece that’s NOT epic, anybody…anybody?
Thought not.

Acropolis Fun Facts:
– a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site
– (Acro) means edge and (polis) means city therefore very aptly named I’d say
– it’s the symbol of Athens
– SUPER old with evidence of habitation as far back as 495 BC – BC!

Here’s a behind the scenes look of us down below in the city before we head up to the site.


Lucky Stevo.  Gets to listen to me jabber on and on.
Make sure you smile.
Tilt the camera.
Don’t tilt the camera.
Can you see the Acropolis behind us.
Let’s call this an action shot.  What can I say, I have a vision and a way I want to tell the story.
He’s a good sport!

On the way up you pass this ‘little’ ruins.
Greek ruins, Athens
To be honest you can’t spit a sunflower seed without hitting ruins.
Athens street, Greek ruins, urban

How they managed to put in subways and modern infrastructure without hitting ruins is…I’m going to say impossible but hey, people have to live somewhere!

There’s plenty to see on the way up.
lemon tree, old building, Athens, Acropolis climb

The history here, wow.  The contrast between well, old and ancient (see the Acropolis in the top right)?

How old is this lemon tree?

Things just WANT to grow here in Greece.
And we just want to eat everything!
Even the lemons.  Heritage lemons…ancient, heritage lemons!

Keeping our eyes on he prize and stopping here and there to catch our breath and possibly drink wine, it’s a climb you really have to work at.

Bar owner:  Hmmm this property in on a steep hill.  I’ll just put tables on each step.  
The end.
And that’s what you see here.

steep climb, acropolis, Athens

The building where the steps end and the winding path upwards towards the Parthenon begins.

Who lives here?  What was this place?  What does it look like inside?
So many questions.

We were in Greece for two short months (not enough) and visited the Acropolis twice.  Once self guided and once with a guide.
Get a guide!

This was ours.
tour guide, Acropolis, Athens, columns

And she was absolutely RIVETTING!  We had teenagers along with us who wouldn’t have lasted 2 minutes with a boring fact stating guide.
They were riveted.
You see she wasn’t just telling us about the Acropolis.
She was telling us a story in bite size pieces so we could digest the information and relate it to our surroundings.
The Greek are fiercely proud of their heritage and she was only different in the sense that she was compelled to share it with visitors.
Nothing short of amazing.

It was apparent here more than ever, that travel really is the best education you can get.

It’s no surprise that there were throngs of students exploring the area alongside us.  Notepads out, phones at the ready.
What a great way to learn about history, and life in general.
students, acropolis, history, parthenon

The view from the Acropolis is incredible.
Acropolis, Greek flag, Athens

As far as the eye can see – little white houses.

The path leading to the Parthenon, so imposing, impressive…
Just look at the itty bitty people!
Great perspective on size here.steps leading to Parthenon, Athens, Greece, Acropolis

The engineering of the placement of this place is mind blowing!
Imagine, no excavators, no cranes just human ingenuity.

The placement of this column is particularly…terrifying!
columns, Athens, ruins, Greece, Acropolis

Sign says…
Marble, Parthenon, Greece, Athens, do not touch sign
First reaction to this sign at the foot of these massive ancient pillars was seriously?!
This stuff has been around forever right?
What’s going to happen if I touch this?
Well thanks to our guide we found out that the ruins of Acropolis’ biggest threat is the environment – pollution in particular.
The pollution is causing structural damage to marble.  That my friends, is shocking!

Parthenon, construction, rejuvenation, Athens, Greece

Parthenon, Parthenon, Parthenon there’s more here than just the Parthenon!

Behold a theatre dedicated to the God of Wine and Patron of Drama – Dionysus.
This is the view from above:
Theatre of Dionysus, Athens, Acropolis, Greece, ruins

Our guide mentioned they have started to do some summer concerts here?
Couldn’t find any info on that but THAT would be amazing!

You can walk down and take a closer look at the Theatre.
These are the ancient entrance gates.

Theatre Dionysus, Greece, Athens, Acropolis

We decided this would be a cool place to drone.

And it would have been if our drone didn’t weigh 4 ounces and the slightest wind made it do things we didn’t want it to.
Amazing space.
Sorry, no drone footage.

The day ends spiritually uplifted and inspired thanks to our guide and her stories of Ancient Greek mythology.

And a sunset.
sunset, Athens, Acropolis, Greece
And wine 🙂




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