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Sailing the Greek Islands

I’m here to tell you, unequivocally, that this stuck togetherness issue on a boat is NOT actually an issue and here’s why.
You always have options. You get off the boat every day.
Some people want to shop.
Some people want to hike.
Others want to chill out with a beer and some snacks at a local tavern (I’ll let you place bets on who out of our group wanted that).

Santorini ferry, Blue Star, Greece

Greece – Athens to Santorini ferry

Throw this situation into a Canadian location and there would be reports being made, people getting fired, Health Canada on scene, I don’t even know what our (WSIB) Workers Safety people would do.
Heck, the army might even show up!
But here in Greece, they land, hop over the waves, tie up and wish everyone a hearty WELCOME to Santorini!