Greece – Santorini road tripping


When planning a road trip you need to figure out your route and all the target spots to hit.

Santorini being so small makes it easy to navigate and the roads are in great shape which is always appreciated.
Our must see’s for Santorini included all the coloured beaches. Oia for it’s sunsets and cuteness, a lighthouse and whatever we came across en-route.

Meet the beast:
Road trip, Yaris, Santorini, Greece

Perhaps a more suitable name for our Yaris rental would be…oh I don’t know…knapsack?
Yes more fitting.  Meet our knapsack on wheels.

Perfectly suited to climb all over Santorini aand see all the quaintness this island has to offer.Greek fishing boat, santorini

First stop the Red Beach.  Look the writings on the wall, literally.

The contrast of colours here is stunning.  The beach was a ways down from where we were standing.
Seeing as we weren’t in beach weather we opted out.

The lighthouse is beautiful.  There’s just something romantic and dramatic about all lighthouses.IMG_7957

Another bonus of lighthouses is their view.

When we go exploring we poke in everywhere.
Actually Stevo pokes in everywhere, I point out the no trespassing signs or closed gates and than follow him in anyways.

We found this beautiful community of unfinished vacation homes perched on the tip of the island.

Every house came with these views.

All the hard work was done but something stopped the build.

Secluded and very Zen.  Great spot for a yoga retreat or a very scenic lunch.

Everything is set up in the trunk and you just go ahead and build your own sandwich and beverage combo.

It’s no golden arches but it’ll do.IMG_8075

Next stop, a seaside Taberna.

Tables all set up and ready to go for tourist season around the corner.
So nice to have it all to ourselves.

With every new elevation comes a new scenic outlook.

I felt compelled to stop and take photos every 2 seconds.
So I did.

Hey looky looky a potential retirement spot?

I’m not fussy, but I definitely need a few more walls than this!

Rustic charm everywhere you look.  This one is going to need some work!

Check out the innards of these places.

Every random door opens up to mind boggling beauty.

This classic scene is still my screensaver and very well may be forever.

There’s this one hiking trail that taunted us every time we came across it.

There’s the stairs…
Me:  how about we watch OTHER people climb it?

I was outnumbered.

And look here.

That wire should keep us from tumbling to our death no?

This is what we must have looked like when we got to the top:IMG_8045

To be honest, I think only Stevo went to the tippy top.  So it would have been what HE looked like lol.

Weird question maybe, but do the Greeks still actively notice all this breathtaking beauty?

When you see it every day does it lose it’s magic?IMG_8052

I don’t have the answer for that.
What I do know is that they are hard workers, very religious family orientated people who love their internet.

Staying connected is easy here.
To God, the internet, nature, you pick one.

We didn’t eat out often in Santorini but when we did…oh the smoky deliciousness of this memory.

Speaking of eating out(side).  This was a great place to have an impromptu cookout.IMG_8154

This is the Black Beach.

It was all fun and games until it was time to leave.IMG_8156

Who would have thought a CAR could get stuck in SAND.

So Stevo got creative.


And I close out this final post on Santorini like we closed out every day we spent there.
Watching a sunset much like this one.

If you ever thought you wanted to go to Santorini, wait no longer.
If you never thought to go to Santorini, time to rethink your thoughts!
If possible go before Easter and enjoy this magical island without the throngs of tourists that invade in the summer.
No matter when you go, Santorini is guaranteed to leave you with a full heart and memory card.

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