Greece – Santorini Fira continued

Steep staircase, Santorini, Greece

The people who chose to live on this beautiful island also chose to live on a hillside.
Dr. Seuss’ quote of in a crooked town, down a crooked street applies well.
Everything comes with a price and the people who live here have to fight the elements, gravity and their own physical abilities everyday.
Thank goodness for donkeys.
If we lived here we would want a donkey – no question.
Maybe two donkeys.

As we wandered around town, this was a very common sight, church bells.
churchbells, Santorini, Greece

Checkout that zig zag through the mountain, it’s a doozy.
Some call it a goat path.

I say donkey path!
You hear the clip clopping, find a doorway.IMG_7830

They don’t really sneak up on you per se but you really need to find a crevice to let them all by.
Also a great reason to do some shopping!donkeys with cinder blocks, Santorini

The power and stamina of these animals is astounding.
Cinder blocks.  Not one or two cinder blocks.

The picture below gives a great perspective on what I’m talking about as far as skinny streets.IMG_7838

Great part of doing all this mountain climbing (walking – whatever you want to call it) is the views you get for selfie’s.IMG_7847

If your a painter or a photographer you will lose your mind here.  Where else does an old neglected gate stop you in your tracks.  IMG_7854

And if that’s not enough, there was a puppy on the other side that I wasn’t fast enough to capture on film.
A puppy!
What next a souvlaki dinner sitting on an ancient ledge overlooking the sea!
The moments just kept coming.

I have had this exact imagery in my mind about Greece my whole life and boop- there it was.
classic dome church, Santorini, Greece, seaside

Ahhh the locks of lovers set upon the beautiful backdrop of the town.
Annoying and endearing simultaneously.IMG_7859

Absolutely breathtaking sunsets.
We would walk around all day non stop, get tired but than realize its just 2 hrs till sunset and push through for this exact scene:Santorini sunset

Literally melts my heart.

In case you were wondering, the cats of Santorini are equally as chill as their dog counterparts.
Case in point:
cat on a motorcycle, Santorini

We pulled ourselves away from the sea view to rent a car in town.IMG_7870

The islands not huge and can be circumnavigated in a day but we like to take our time.
That was for the next day though – fresh, earlyish start.

We had one more thing to do here in Thira.
Besides take a million more pictures of ourselves in paradise.

And do some more vertical uphill sight seeing!
Literally dying here.IMG_7899

That’s right, ride some donkeys uphill (of course).


You kind of HAVE to!IMG_7906

Ever tried taking a selfie whilst riding a donkey?  Turns out I need more practise.

Can we add sense of humour to the list of donkey traits?
The donkey my son is on behind me, thought it would be hilarious to walk real close to the wall.  Actually touching the wall.
Later on they all started to race each other…really, uphill, with people on them!IMG_7914

We survived.  It was a must do.

Umm roadblock…IMG_7917

Seriously thought this was going to end badly…IMG_7918

The next day we did a road trip – not on a donkey!

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