Sailing the Greek Islands

Catamaran, Greek Islands, sailing vacation

Greek Islands sailing season officially starts after the Easter weekend.
We did our Greek Island experience the week before.
The timing of this made for a very different sailing experience.
Different but by no means bad.
Little did we know that this trip would actually change our lives in more ways than one.

We are constantly aggravating our children and friends with last minute invitations to join us wherever we may be in the world.
Not everyone can swing it.
But there are a few adventurous souls out there who jump in with both feet to these unscripted, uncharted opportunities.
This is brave.  It is also exciting.
That’s how we roll.

For our Greece trip our Kansas friends put their hands up for this bucket list experience. A combination of Athens and the Islands over a period of 10 days.

First things first – provisioning.
It’s not a super fun thing to do but with the right person it can be.
Catamaran, Greek Islands, sailing vacation, provisioning, cheese, friends

Big cheese fans here.

The Greek Islands are loaded with amazing taverns stocked with fresh seafood, home baked breads and vegetables.IMG_8679

They are also very affordable.
We worked eating out, at least once a day, into our grocery list.


Our departure point was Alimos Marina located in the Palaeo Faliero district of Athens.  Close to all the stores you need and easily accessible via local transit.
Catamaran, Greek Islands, sailing vacation, Ocean Propsperity

Our itinerary included Poros, Hydra, another island and ended in Aegina.

Everywhere we went, we were the only ones there.  Off season has it’s benefits.
Icy beer, even yummy on cool days.
Catamaran, Greek Islands, sailing vacation, frosy beer, taverna

People often worry about having to do everything together when on a boat.
The term ‘stuck together’ comes up often.IMG_8381

Well I’m here to tell you, unequivocally, that this stuck togetherness is NOT an issue and here’s why.
You always have options.  You get off the boat every day.
Some people want to shop.
Some people want to hike.
Others want to chill out with a beer and some snacks at a local tavern (I’ll let you place bets on who out of our group wanted that).

We split up in different capacities to do different activities just as much as we stayed together.
And we’re a tight group who have a history of travelling well together.
Sailing vacations are the best of all worlds.

One thing is guaranteed.  When we pull into port, best spot on the boat is up front to scope out our new adventure.

When you’re used to doing the islands, this scene is so radically different from tropical ports.

Quaint fishing villages surrounded by Greek fishing boats floating on crystal clear waters.Catamaran, Greek Islands, sailing vacation, fishing boats, Hydra

I could give you a bunch of details on all the different islands but I’m not going to.
Greek Islands, catamaran, sailing vacation, taverna, checkered tablecloth, fresh flowers
Just pick an itinerary and go with it.

Greek Islands, catamaran, sailing vacation

All the Greek Islands are unique and lovely in their own way.
You won’t be disappointed.IMG_8460

This Kansas family started to rub off on us.  We started hiking.
Saw this beautiful trail along the water.IMG_8461

You stop a lot because, well, you get sucked into the scene.IMG_8467

Trails that take you to historic sites.IMG_8464

Wait, is this a bar?

And so ends our hike 🙂IMG_8475

The people of these islands move around from here to the mainland constantly.
The interesting part is their form of transportation:IMG_8482

Just doesn’t quite fit in with its surroundings but what a great way to get from A to B without losing a whole day.

I want to live here.IMG_8483

Not sure I see a roof but it’s so pretty I feel it’s possible to work around this obvious architectural issue.

Here’s one of those options (aside from sailing) I was talking about, a road trip!

Everyone opted for scooters.
I am not a fan of scooters but here’s a selfie with my scooter gang.

As much fun as that looks like we opted for this.
Or should I say I opted us out and my Stevo went along with me on this one.

Our Kymco four wheeler was perfect for all the steep dirt paths we devoured.

Some coves are best accessed by land.

See the lay of the land.IMG_8551

Almost always ending up at the water.

Water that is insanely clear.

At the end of the road trip we met back up at a seaside tavern to regroup.IMG_8557

Then its back to the boat for some R&R at sunset.Greek Islands, catamaran, sailing vacation

Aegina was our last island of the trip and that’s always a bummer.Greek Islands, catamaran, sailing vacation, mainsail

By now we all have the boat dance down. Which means we all have our jobs and know instinctively when to do them.
Every task is covered from cooking to boat docking.

We are all actively trying be present and not let our minds wander to our regular lives back home just yet.IMG_8627

So it was decided that we would go ashore for the day.
Greek Islands, catamaran, sailing vacation

Our friends were going to hike up to see some ruins and Stevo and I were going to wander around and decide our itinerary as the day unravelled.IMG_8663

It started out lovely which is definitely not the way it ended.IMG_8639

Aegina is yet another pretty island.IMG_8642

Our friends decided to head over to the town of Aegina on the west side of this tablecloth map.
We were anchored on the east side at AG Marina.

After some wandering we decided to join them.
Unfortunately, we only made it as far as the middle of the tablecloth.

It was at that point we took a sharp corner on our scooter, hit gravel and then pavement immediately after.
I remember sliding along the pavement and then a nice lady holding my hand saying I was in shock and the ambulance was on the way.

I found out later in the hospital that Stevo was launched into a pole through the handlebars and I slid along with the scooter through the gravel and pavement until it stopped.
We got messed up pretty bad.  Stevo broke ribs and messed up his toes and I was badly bruised and fleshless on my right arm and leg.
Scooters suck and yes I protested this rental option to no avail.
Luckily at the last minute we asked for helmets or we’d be…not good.

Our beautiful friends brought the boat back while we danced in lala land under medication and a general brain fog.
They took care of us and the boat getting close enough to our destination marina so Stevo just had to get up to dock it.

This by no means was a negative experience and here’s why.
1.  We’re alive and healed up.
2.  It happened in one of the most beautiful places in the world which we feel blessed to have seen.
3.  It happened on the last day of our vacation not the first.
4.  We have the kind of friends that went over and above caring for us that day and the days to follow.

It is this kind of experience that validates, once again, that life/health is the greatest gift we have and perspective is everything!
Our bodies are a little worse for wear as a result of this incident and my leg and arm modelling days are over (lol) but our hearts remain full and our resolve to not waste one minute of this life is even stronger.

Thankful for every day we are here and everything that happens be it good or bad along this journey called life.

4 thoughts

  1. Chrissy, you are a beautiful story teller, and photographer your and Steve’s life experiences could put a smile on everyone’s face!


  2. Glad the both of you are well now. This trip is what we hope to do in 2021 with the Grober’s to celebrate Lindsey’s 60th birthday! (We celebrated Mark’s with you in BVI) Any insight you can give us or if you’re interested in going again…let us know!


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