A custom home built with love


Once upon a time a couple decided to sell everything and sail around the Caribbean.
Then they decided to not do that anymore.
Cause they could.
Now they are working on building their dream home in Canada.
That’s us, Knot Anchored.
Here’s how the summer and fall’s been going.

We came home to Canada at the end of April.  This picture is pretty self explanatory.
It was still pretty cold, but no snow.
It was nice to be back and our trusty trailer kept up to the cold temps quite nicely.
Our burn barrel was kept going quite a bit as well.
Burn Barrel

We like to think of outside as our living room.  Heck we’ve spent the last 3 years living outside in one capacity or another so it just works for us.

Its where we like to hang out and do a lot of our cooking as well.
Makes sense right?  Fire is already up and running so…

One word – work.  Who knew that building a house from the ground up on bedrock would be so labour intensive?

Let’s start at the bottom.  This is how you have to prepare to pour the foundation.
foundation prep

If it looks complicated, its because it is.
foundation framing

And Stevo did all of this by himself.  All I could offer without being annoying and asking questions every step of the way was clean up.

And he even made this romantic ❤

It was really nice to see the rock we’d been breaking our ankles walking over turn into smooth loveliness.

Then came the floor heat.
Iheated floors

Who doesn’t love floor heat?
Must have.

The walls started to emerg.

Just like putting a puzzle together.

We had visitors pop in.

A family gathering which was a welcome break.

Giant Jenga and general horsing around with a very scenic back drop.

Only slightly unnerving at the edge of the 30ft drop.
Frenchie and friend

Now that our notorious family of beavers had moved on, it was a good time for the city dogs to try swimming for the first time.swimming Frenchie

Which some enjoyed.

It was definitely the getting dirty that was a bigger hit.

Did I mention food?pepper steak prep

Cause we definitely had a bunch of that this summer.


Food just tastes better outside doesn’t it?
outdoor appetizers

Yes, I pose my food in scenic outdoor locations!
stuffed green peppers

It’s hard to pass up some of those summer grocery store sales.
We’re only two people…
Aw screw it!  Maybe someone will drop by…
ribs on sale

Sometimes people did stop by.

Sharing some surprisingly amazing moments with us.
knot anchored gets anchored!

Yup Knot Anchored getting anchored!

Then we were back at her.

Racing against the clock.

Or should I say racing against the weather window.

This is Canada after all.

So if its not snowing.

You have to keep going.

All this help made a world of difference.
Thank goodness we had such a spectacular September so we could also do some of this.

Swimming in September – amazing!

There would be more eating of course.

We have the best friends ever!

Living here is something you just can’t get enough of.

I can honestly say the work never stops as long as your on site.
Clean up is one of those things I actually enjoy.

There’s a sense of accomplishment.

Did I mention we got Hydro!

Its starting to feel a lot like home – with bills lol.

With this view:

Who cares!

So we worked till we couldn’t work anymore.

Said good bye to the lake we’ve fallen in love with.

She’s sealed up and waiting upon our return in the Spring for completion!

As for us, we’re counting down to warmer temperatures and another adventure.

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