Forever starting a new adventure.

Forever catamaran docked

Tomorrow we start an incredible journey on the catamaran Forever.
A journey that will have us retracing all the steps we took when we 1st headed out on one of the biggest adventures of our lives selling everything and sailing away.
We had no experience sailing and really no idea what we were doing, but we did it.
We pulled the plug and went for it.

Meet Forever’s owners Steve and Darla:
Steve and Darla in the marina

They reached out to us while we were blogging about our misadventures at sea.
What makes them different from many of the inquiries and questions we would get about what it takes to sail away from it all, was their resolve to actually do it.
Cause they did.
Sold the whole banana and bought this pretty boat, their Forever home.
It’s as romantic as it sounds 100%.

In an unfortunate turn of events Darla took ill while on the boat.
It turned out to be cancer.
Now they are fighting to beat it and see Darla back to good health.
It’s a long process and no doubt an emotional roller coaster but here’s the thing about these two, they are brave.
They have already accomplished more then most people who have these opportunities within reach but remain paralyzed by the unknown.
They took chances and achieved their goals.
They have each other.
They are strong.

Where do we fit into this?

S/V Forever has been sitting in Grenada waiting for potential new owners (she is for sale).
Some poked at her but nothing firm.
Stevo and I were preparing to escape Canada’s deep freeze and head back to Morocco and do some more Euro touring we left unfinished last year.

I was on Facebook one day and saw our friends Rebecca and Mike, the Zero to Cruising bloggers, post that Forever was still for sale.
Three degrees of separation:

Steve and Darla bought Forever off Mike and Rebecca.
Mike and Rebecca were an inspiration to us with their cruising blog.
Forever is a Canadian boat and we are trying to escape Canada…

Ok the math doesn’t work there but we were all kind of intertwined.
We reached out to Steve and Darla.
Maybe we could help each other.
After our conversation we decided to abandon our Euro plans.
It was set.
We are to deliver Forever from Grenada to Florida so she can be seen easier by potential buyers OR be moved further up the coast to reunite with Steve and Darla.

We all decided this was a win-win situation.  Some relief granted to all of us.
Boat gets delivered.
We escape winter shooting for an April delivery date to Ft Lauderdale if she doesn’t sell while we are en-route.

Nice people, who deserve a break.
A beauty boat that needs a way to get home.
Forever catamaran on anchor

Everything lined up and we start tomorrow.

To inquire about the boat reach out to Steve and Darla on the Facebook page:
Forever Catamaran/Steve & Darla Clark

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I will be posting as regularly as possible (Wi-Fi permitting) as we hop our way up the islands.

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  1. Hey there you two crazy canuks…. happy to see you back on the water… what timelines do you have to be this way? would love to catch up for a coffee (that is code for margarita ). safe sails
    Randeen /Free Ingwe


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