Polish Pickle Soup – the new old way to do soup


Jarred pickles, grocery store stand

I love soup.
I love pickles.
I am Polish.
This soup just makes sense you know?
With that said, Safie’s pickles, although wonderful and can be eaten in one seating, are not the pickles for this soup.

It has to be Strubbs Full Sour pickles.
pickle soup in a pot, strubb's pickle jar

Eventually all of our ‘go to’s’ get boring so here you go, something different.
This recipe makes a big pot and it’s affordable, no it’s downright cheap.
I averaged it out and it costs about $5 for the whole pot!
And yes, it’s a quirk I have.  Breaking out the cost of individual servings is a weird thing I like to do to see how much we’re overpaying at restaurants and the like.
Buzz kill I know.

This is my version of this soup but there are other’s out there on the inter web equally intriguing.
(Psst, mines the best just saying!)

2 tbsp butter
1 med onion diced
2 medium carrots diced and thinly sliced (itty bitty pieces)
4 Russet potatoes quartered and thinly sliced or whatever you like
6/8 pickles diced very small
1 cup Full Sour Pickle juice
4 cups chicken broth
S & P

1 cup sour cream
2 tbsp flour

Rye Bread
fresh chopped dill

 the onions, carrots and potatoes till the onions get golden and your neighbours can be seen at your kitchen window drooling.
ADD the pickles  and the chicken broth and bring to a boil.
SIMMER until the potatoes are tender about 30 min.
           optional:  use your hand mixer to puree the soup into a smoother version.
MIX the sour cream with the flour (no lumps).
ADD a scoop of the soup to the sour cream mixture to temper it and then gradually add it all back into the soup whilst whisking furiously to keep from separating.
TASTE before adding any salt or pepper, the pickle juice has the salt already happening the most you’ll need is a bit of pepper depending on preference.
SERVE with chopped fresh dill sprinkled generously over top and some buttered rye bread for dipping.

homemade pickle soup served with rye bread and dill

Your place will smell awesome and you will have so much soup that you can invite your drooly neighbours in for a bowl!


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